Cleopatra Costume for a Girl

by Sarah McLeod
The look of Cleopatra is re-created from clues of ancient Egyptian remains.

The look of Cleopatra is re-created from clues of ancient Egyptian remains. Images

Cleopatra was an influential ruler of ancient Egypt. According to National Geographic, she seduced and bore children for Roman emperor, Julius Caesar, and Roman military leader, Marc Antony, unifying the nations. Her influence is believed to have been governed by her beauty, leading many women to try to imitate her look. Cleopatra costumes are available commercially to meet consumers' desires. Parents and guardians find the look appropriate for adolescents and young girls because it is modifiable for beauty without sexual overtones.


Legend has it that Cleopatra wore ornate eye makeup that distinguished her as one of the most beautiful women in world history. The best way to achieve the look is to line the inner and outer lids of the eyes with heavy black liner. Use two or more coats. Apply the bottom line in an upward sweep and the upper line in a downward sweep to meet at the corners of the eyes for an almond shape. Avoid using liquid eyeliner on small children because it requires a drying time in between applications. Young girls may not be able to keep still long enough, and blinking causes wet liquid liner to enter the eye. Use heavy green or teal eye shadow to paint the upper portion of the eyelid. Use clear lip gloss on her lips.


Although Cleopatra's makeup is bold, a classic Cleopatra costume is modest. Protective parents or guardians do not have to worry about their girls' stomachs, legs or chests being exposed as with belly dancer and some princess costumes. The costume begins with an ankle-length, white sheath-style dress. The collar bone and waistline of the dress are draped with additional black and gold or brown and gold fabric for regal adornment. The belt often has a lot of gathered fabric with an attached tabard.

Hair and Jewelry

Classic Cleopatra hair is a straight, black, blunt-cut bob with bangs. The look is available in various wig lengths. Elaborate jewelry is just as necessary as the right hairstyle. Bejeweled headdresses worn over a black wig crowns the Cleopatra look perfectly. Some ready-made Cleopatra costumes have bracelets or arm cuffs attached to the belt of the dress. However, If you want to adorn further, purchase upper arm cuffs and gold- or copper-colored wrist and ankle bracelets. If your child's ears are not pierced, dangling gold clip-on earrings are a suitable substitute.


Consider outside temperatures and the age of the girl before choosing complementary footwear. If the costume is going to be worn for door-to-door trick-or-treating, give your child protective, comfortable footwear regardless of costume requirements. Ideal footwear includes gold sandals with heels to lift the costume's hem up from the ground. If your child is unaccustomed to heels or has to wear them for extended periods of time, give her flat gold sandals instead.

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