How to Clean a Guitar Case's Exterior

by Elijah Chau
Guitar cases benefit from regular cleaning.

Guitar cases benefit from regular cleaning.

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Guitar cases help you carry around and protect your instrument when you are on the go, but over time, they accumulate dirt or other grime. Many guitar cases are built for long term use and are easily cleaned. If you want to clean the exterior of your own case, you simply need some basic household supplies.

Items you will need

  • Paper towels
  • Non-abrasive cleaning spray
Step 1

Remove your guitar from the case and place to the side.

Step 2

Spray the non-abrasive cleaner into your paper towel, mildly dampening the paper towel. The ideal brand of cleaner varies, depending on your case's build; but in general, avoid using cleaning supplies that contain harsh ingredients such as ammonia or bleach. These ingredients can permanently stain or damage your case.

Step 3

Begin wiping down the case with the cleaner-dampened paper towel. Apply broad strokes to remove as much accumulated dirt as possible.

Step 4

Repeat until no visible dust or grime is on your guitar case. Allow the case to dry for one to two minutes to finish the cleaning process.

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