How to Clean Foggy Snowboarding Goggles at Home

by Jeffrey Norman
Heat your goggles to keep them from fogging up on the slopes.

Heat your goggles to keep them from fogging up on the slopes.

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The chance to carve through a frosty range has made snowboarding a winter pastime throughout the northern states. But boarders who embark down the slopes sometimes face a battle with an annoying foe: foggy goggles. This equipment problem, which leads to poor vision, can make snowboarding dangerous. Fortunately, boarders can sidestep fog issues at home with remedies that might surprise them with their simplicity.

Step 1

Warm your goggles with your body. Begin by wearing them around your neck, and raise them near your eyes after a minute or two. A minute later, finally cover your eyes with the goggles. This method gradually accustoms the goggles to your body temperature, as well as the heat of the room. Adjusting to surrounding temperatures successfully counteracts fogging.

Step 2

Use a hair dryer. Moisture seeping into the goggles' components can cause them to fog up, despite many attempts to remedy the situation. Blast a hair dryer all over the goggles for a few minutes, on a high setting, to completely evaporate all moisture on the goggles.

Step 3

Counteract fog with a specially formulated spray, drops or cloth. You can purchase products containing anti-fog properties that ease the cleaning process for your goggles. Alternately, you may buy anti-fog cloths, typically made from effective yet gentle microfibers. Confirm that whatever material you use will not streak or stain your goggles, which could further impede your vision on the slopes.

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