Classy Party Themes

by Kent Page McGroarty
Throw a formal masked ball, another classy party option.

Throw a formal masked ball, another classy party option.

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Not every party you throw has to be on the causal side, which can range from college keggers to summer luaus and beach parties. Many people enjoy a reason to get dressed up, and formal parties are certainly a reason to do so. Send invitations written in calligraphy to set the mood of the party and to specify dress code.

Black & White Party

Use a black and white theme to throw a classy party, which can include having guests dress in black and white formal attire. Decorate your home or event space with black and white accents, including white tablecloths, black napkins, white candles, black candles, spray-painted black roses in white vases and any other black and white accents you see fit to use. Serve black and white food, such as black and white bean dishes, black and white brownies and black and white cookies and cakes. Serve drinks in black goblets and white mugs.

Formal Dinner Party

Throw a formal dinner party for friends and family. As with the black and white party, opt for guests wearing formal attire including suits, tuxedos and ball gowns. If you have the resources, hire a small wait staff to serve appetizers during "cocktail hour," as well as each dinner course, which can include salads and soups, a main entree and coffee and dessert. Use a bell to have the staff remove plates from each course and to bring out the next course.

Martini Party

A martini party can go the way of fictional secret agent James Bond, with guests dressing up in their best spy and femme fatale outfits. Hire a bartender friend to serve as the martini bartender for the evening, and offer guests a menu full of various martinis. Don't forget to include a variety of garnishes for the drinks, including olives, onions, lemon twists and cherries for some martini versions, such as appletinis. Serve food in martini glasses as well, such as shrimp cocktail appetizers, and incorporate martini imagery into your party's decor. Ideas include James Bond images and artists' renderings of martinis.

Garden Party

An elegant garden party is another classy party option. Set up a few tables in your backyard, including one for drinks and one for light fare. Drink options include iced tea and lemonade as well as alcoholic versions of these drinks. Serve finger sandwiches, cheese plates, vegetable platters and fruit with clotted cream and other dips. Spongecake desserts, cookies and cupcakes may also be served. Areas of the yard can be set up for badminton and croquet. Encourage guests to wear sundresses, light pants and polo shirts as well as large hats.

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