Classy Bridal Shower Games

by Krystal Miller
Create quiet games for a classy bridal shower.

Create quiet games for a classy bridal shower.

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Avoid a rowdy bridal shower by planning a classy shower to honor the bride-to-be. When planning a classy bridal shower, plan quiet games that keep guests involved in the shower without getting rambunctious. Encourage each guest to participate in the games by awarding small prizes, such as gift cards and candle sets, to all game winners.

Paper Games

Bridal bingo cards can include words like wife, husband, ring, altar, just married, reception, bride and veil in the squares. Players must mark the words off their bingo card as you call them out. The first player to bingo and say "Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. _________" wins the game. Alternatively you can scramble the same words on a sheet of paper and give each player a paper. The player who can unscramble all the words first wins the game and a prize.

Memory Games

Place several bridal-related items, such as a veil, a diamond ring, a wedding invitation, a flower basket and a small present, on a serving tray. The bride-to-be can walk around with the tray showing it to all the guests. She will then walk out of the room with the tray. Guests will write down as many items as they can remember from the tray. The player who remembers the most items wins the game. Another option is to ask the guests questions about the bride-to-be's clothes and accessories to throw them off. The guests will think you are going to ask about the items, so ask questions about the bride-to-be to see if anyone was paying attention to her.

Bride Games

Bride games will test the knowledge of the party guests to see how well they know the bride. A game about the bride's favorite foods, hobbies, colors and books is sure to get the guests thinking. Sample questions include "What is the bride's favorite color?" and "What is the bride's favorite food?" The first player to raise her hand and answer correctly earns a point. The player with the most points after you read all the questions wins the game. You can also switch it up and ask all questions about the groom or questions about both of them.

Other Games

An easy classy game that does not take must thought is the coin game. Tape a coin to the bottom of one of the chairs in the room. After each guest sits down to watch the bride-to-be open her gifts, tell them to look under their chair. The player who has the coin taped to the bottom of her chair wins a prize. You can also play a spice-guessing game by filling 10 small cups with different spices. Guests will smell the spices one at a time to guess what each one is. The player who guesses the most correct wins the game and a prize.

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