Civil War Party Ideas

by Kent Page McGroarty

Throw a party that invokes another era, such as a party dedicated to the Civil War. Research Civil War facts for party games, and use soundtracks from Civil War-era films as background music. Be sure to represent both North and South in your party decor, activities, food and costume options.


Decoration ideas for a Civil War-themed party include hanging both Union and Confederate flags on the walls as well as sticking mini versions of such flags in plant stands and in flower vases. Look for postcards featuring Civil War-era figures and scenes, such as images of Gettysburg, Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant, Robert E. Lee, Harriot Tubman and Fredrick Douglass, with which to make collages. Posters of Civil War-era movies are another decor option, such as posters from "Gone With the Wind," "Glory," "Gods and Generals" and "The Red Badge of Courage."

Food and Drink

Create a sheet cake with one half decorated as the Confederate flag and the other as the Union flag. Cupcakes featuring the Confederate and Union flag symbols are also options, or consider making sugar cookies in flag shapes. Serve food and drink similar to what Union soldiers ate such as salted pork, cornmeal muffins, roasted coffee, beans and potatoes, and a few bread varieties. Cube vegetables as appetizers, as Union soldiers were sometimes given cubed vegetables to put in water.

Games and Activities

Make up your own Civil War trivia game using index cards. Question ideas include specific battle details, questions on famous Civil War generals and leaders, the Underground Railroad and President Lincoln's assassination. Play fighting games are another option -- just ensure those participating are old enough to use plastic and wooden weapons safely. Activity ideas include general play fighting as well as a Civil War version of "Capture the Flag."


Offer party goers the option of dressing up. Ideas include corseted dresses featuring large hoop skirts, complete with parasols and bonnet hats with large ribbons. Other ideas include simply wearing gray and navy clothing or renting Civil War uniform costumes. Long jackets with light-colored pants, white shirts with a vest and bow tie, black shoes and top hats are another option, or go for plain servant camp dresses with white aprons.

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