Cinderella's Castle in Disney World Vs. Disneyland

by Kimberly Turtenwald
The castle design at each Disney park is different.

The castle design at each Disney park is different.

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The differences between each of the Disney parks means that you can visit each one and have a different experience. While both Disney World and Disneyland offer the Magic Kingdom park, some of the features are different at the two parks. This includes the castle, which is the main focus of the Magic Kingdom. Part of the reason for these differences is the overall size of Disney World versus Disneyland.

Character Influence

The character that influenced each of the castles at Disney World and Disneyland is different. The castle at Disney World carries a Cinderella theme. The designers of this castle studied drawings from the original pitch for the movie to design the castle. The castle found at the end of Main Street in Disneyland's Magic Kingdom is themed after the story of Sleeping Beauty instead. This castle is a combination of French and Bavarian castles dating back to the Middle Ages.


One of the most noticeable differences between the two castles at the two parks is their size. The castle at Disney World is about 189 feet tall. The size was chosen to keep it below the height limit for requiring blinking lights to warn airplanes. The castle at Disneyland, however, stands only 77 feet high. Disney parks are built with perspective in mind, which creates the illusion of buildings and objects being taller than they are. Because of the size difference between the two parks, a smaller castle was required for Disneyland to maintain perspective.


The design for the castles at Disney World and Disneyland are among the differences that are easier to see. While both castles feature the illusion of a medieval stone structure complete with turrets, the color schemes and overall designs are different. The Disneyland castle is shorter and wider than its Disney World counterpart. The castle at Disney World is primarily gray with blue roof pieces with gold accents. The Disneyland castle is gray on the bottom and pink on the upper floors. The roof pieces are turquoise blue and also have gold accents.

Inside the Castle

Each of the castles offers a different experience to guests at the park. Guests to the Disney World's Magic Kingdom walk through the center of the castle and enjoy tile mosaics from the Cinderella story. The castle also features a Cinderella-themed restaurant called Cinderella's Royal Table. Guests at Disneyland do not have the benefit of a restaurant within the castle. Instead, guests who find the small, somewhat hidden entrance can view the story of Sleeping Beauty through pictures and carefully arranged scenes using puppets.

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