Church Camp Programs

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Church groups provide a variety of camp programs for children and adults.

Church groups provide a variety of camp programs for children and adults.

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Church groups all over the nation offer camp programs for children, families and for those interested in specific interests. Some of the camps are focused on ministry and Bible study, others on learning certain topics and still others on sports, recreation and other activities. Church camp programs can require campers to stay over night or attend during the day.

Children, Family and Mens Camps

The Juanita Community Church ( is an independent reformed Evangelical church in Kirkland, Washington, that offers overnight camp programs for children, families and men. The program for children, called Camp Hope, includes two separate four-day sessions for children in grades three through seven and children in grades eight and up. Both sessions are held at Mazama Bible Camp near Winthrop. The campers play games, sing songs and learn about the Bible during the camp program. The family camp is a three-day program held at Camp Gilead in Carnation, Washington. The camp includes family activities and Bible study. The three-day men's camp held at the Mazama Bible Camp includes hiking and Bible study.

Sports and Day Camps

The Trinity Lutheran Church & School ( in Delray Beach, Florida, offers four-day sports camps throughout summer for children ages 7 through 14. There are separate sessions for co-ed soccer, co-ed basketball, football and volleyball, as well as sessions where campers participate in a variety of sports. Trinity Lutheran also offers children ages 3 through 11 a summer day camp program for up to eight weeks that includes science demonstrations, art classes, computer classes and for the older campers field trips to places like movie theaters, bowling alleys and a science museum.

Vacation Bible Camp

Plymouth Church ( in Brooklyn, New York, offers a five-day camp to learn more about the Bible for children as young as age 2 and up to children entering into the eighth grade. Two-year-old campers attend with an adult caregiver. Children ages 3 and up to those entering the fourth grade experience a rain forest environment while they learn five Bible verses. Campers entering grade five and up participate in off-site activities and field trips. The vacation Bible camp is a day camp, but campers entering grade five and up spend one overnight stay at camp during a lock-in event.

Sex Education

Cler Ministries ( is a nonprofit ministry based Kingwood, Texas, that offers camp sessions to eighth grade students. Using scripture from the Bible, workshop leaders teach the youth campers about sexual education during a five-and-a-half-day program. The goal of the program is to teach the campers about their bodies and the risks of sexual intimacy at a young age before marriage. Topics of discussion include human reproductive anatomies, puberty, menstruation, conception, contraceptives, peer pressure to be sexually active, dating, love, marriage and abstinence. Camp sessions are hosted all over the U.S. throughout the summer.

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