Chuck E Cheese Birthday Invitation Wording

by Lissabeth Ross
Kids have a great time at a Chuck E Cheese birthday parties.

Kids have a great time at a Chuck E Cheese birthday parties.

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Chuck E. Cheese is a popular party spot for young children, thanks to their pizza and wide variety of arcade games that allow kids to earn tickets for prizes. For parents, a Chuck E. Cheese party means not having to host a gathering in their own homes and allowing someone else to do most of the work. One of the few things parents do have to handle is sending out the invitations.

Provided Invitations

When you book a birthday party through Chuck E. Cheese, party invitations are included. These invitations come in an email-friendly Evite format, as well as a printable style. After selecting your style, fill in some information, including the person for whom the party is being thrown, date, time, address of the Chuck E. Cheese and where to RSVP. The invitations also have a spot for you to indicate whether food will be provided.

Customized Invitations

For those who want more distinctive Chuck E. Cheese invitations but don't have time to create their own, customized Chuck E. Cheese Invitations are available from sellers on sites such as eBay and include elaborate designs that resemble backstage passes and concert tickets. Submit your party information, including the date, time, reason for the party, location and RSVP information. Some of these customizable invitations also have a spot for you to include a photo of the birthday child. These invitations have standard wording, but if you would like to include a special message, the seller is usually able to accommodate the request. Some invitations are printed by the seller and mailed to you, while others are delivered electronically so that you may print them yourself.

DIY Invitations

If you have the time and are familiar with using desktop publishing software, create your own customized Chuck E. Cheese invitation. Browse the customized invitations available online to get ideas or create your own original invitation. In addition to the basic party information, you may want to include a title or headline on your invitation, such as, "Come join in the fun!" or "Have some fun at the place where a kid can be a kid!" Since Chuck E. Cheese is all about fun and being a kid, words that emphasize this work best. Let guests know what, if any, food will be provided.

Store-Bought Invitations

Traditional store-bought invitations can also be used for your Chuck E. Cheese birthday party. These may be especially helpful if your party has a particular theme or if your child wants invitations with his favorite cartoon character on them. These invitations include a spot for you to fill in the location of your party. Make sure you indicate that it will be at Chuck E. Cheese and provide the address. In the blank area on the card, indicate whether food will be provided and for whom it will be provided.

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