Christopher Columbus Theme Party Ideas

by Robert Sunset
Christopher Columbus first sailed to America in 1492.

Christopher Columbus first sailed to America in 1492. Images

Christopher Columbus is widely recognized as the man who "discovered" America and is celebrated each year on Columbus Day. Columbus sailed for Spain but was actually born in Italy, so you can incorporate games from both nations into a Christopher Columbus themed party.

The Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria Races

Visit any craft store and buy some balsa wood, white paper and a hot glue gun. Use the wood and glue to create and decorate balsa wood ships using paper for sails. You can set these into any moving water for a fun race. Balsa wood isn't the most sturdy substance and some ships will sink but if the water is shallow, it can be fun to wade in to retrieve them.

Treasure Hunting

One of the main goals of Christopher Columbus was to find gold to bring back to Spain. Hiding chocolate-filled golden coins around the area and passing out "treasure maps" is a fun way to incorporate this into a party setting. Children of all ages can participate as long as the maps are very easy to read and feature distinct landmarks such as picnic tables and trees.

Spanish and Italian Foods

Since Columbus was from Italy but sailed from Spain, you can use both countries' foods to create a Columbus-worthy feast. You can have pizza and spaghetti, gazpacho and flan or all of them served at once for a multi-cultural buffet.

Exploration Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt that takes partygoers on an adventure around the immediate area can be fun for people of all ages. You can make a list of items that are found in the area such as pine cones, or plant items purchased from a party store. The first person or team to find all the items on the list wins.

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