Christmas Parties

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    Church Christmas Party Ideas

    Christmas is the time for churches and church-goers to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Such celebrations often take the shape of Christmas parties, which provide church-goers with festive decorations, foods and activities for adults and children to enjoy. If you are on the organizing committee for your church's Christmas party, let the spirit of the holiday inspire you with ideas to ensure a joyous occasion.

    Suggestions for Invitations to a Children's Christmas Party

    You can host a children's holiday party for your child's close friends, playgroup or Sunday-school class. Holiday parties give kids a chance to have fun together by exchanging gifts and/or participating in holiday activities such as cookie baking. Start your party off right by sending out creative and fun invitations. While you can purchase invitations, making your own adds a personal and festive touch to your party.

    Company Christmas Party Ideas

    Company Christmas parties are an excellent way to diffuse stress and tension in the workplace that often accompany the holiday season. While some employees may not wish to spend extra time with colleagues that they may or may not get along with, thoughtful planning can make it a fun time for all and give the opportunity for some interaction outside of the setting and pressures of the daily grind.

    How to Dress Up as a Human Christmas Tree for a Party

    Nothing is more festive than a Christmas tree, so bring the spirit of Christmas to the party by becoming one. This costume allows you to walk easily and see clearly when you are standing, but crouch down and the other guests will have to look closely to see that you are not a small artificial Christmas tree. Personalize your costume by choosing ornaments that suit your style, whether that's elegant satin ornaments or handcrafted felt ones.

    Fun Christmas Party Ideas for Preteens

    Hosting a fun Christmas party for preteens is not a complicated process if you have a theme. Preteens often get lost in the shuffle when parents attend adult holiday events. Often younger children have baby-sitters and the older preteens remain at home to veg out in front of the TV. Children on the cusp of the teenage years appreciate having a holiday party of their own. This enables them to celebrate the season with their peers and to be involved in the hustle and bustle of the season.

    How to Schedule Christmas Potlucks

    The holiday season is a great excuse for people to get together to celebrate, and many Christmas celebrations include food. A potluck is a fun and frugal way to share the load of cooking and baking for a crowd. Each person or family brings a dish to share, and all the culinary bases get covered. However, because people have many demands on their time during the holidays, scheduling a Christmas potluck can be difficult. With a few tips, though, you can throw a yuletide potluck that will have people sharing food, fun and love.

    How to Write a Short Notice Invitation to a Christmas Party

    Hosting a last-minute party is a gamble, especially during the holidays when plans have already been made. Although some invitees may consider a short notice to a Christmas party as rude, other guests may be pleased to receive an invitation. Write short notice invitations to a Christmas party on blank cards, and hand the invitations out to those on the guest list. A last-minute Christmas shindig may give lonely guests something to do during the holidays, and brighten the season as well.