Christmas Ideas for a Five-Year-Old Boy

by Christina Schnell
Building a snow fort engages 5-year-old boys physically and mentally.

Building a snow fort engages 5-year-old boys physically and mentally.

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For a 5-year-old boy, Christmas is a time of magic, celebration and presents. Thanks to his advanced motor development, a 5-year-old boy can develop cabin fever during the cold winter months, making Christmas activities all the more important. Celebrate his advanced coordination and expanding imagination by engaging him in Christmas activities he was previously too young to enjoy.

Snow Santa

Building a snow Santa with your 5-year-old expends his energy and gets him excited about the upcoming holiday. Show him how to roll and stack the snow balls for Santa's body, something that may have been challenging even a year ago. Ask his advice for how large to make the snowballs and how to maneuver them. Decorate your snow Santa together with a Santa hat, a cherry, or radish, nose and a fake beard.

Gingerbread House

While a 4-year-old focuses exclusively on eating the candy, the imagination and attention of a 5-year-old boy is prime for creating a entire winter candy land. Build a gingerbread house together or build it yourself beforehand if the instructions seem too tedious for him. Show the little boy how to paste candy on the gingerbread house with sugar paste. Let him decorate and create different structures on and around the gingerbread house using different shaped candy, such as marshmallows, sour balls, string liquorice and gumdrops.

Home Holiday Pageant

Encourage your little boy's imagination while teaching the Christmas story by putting on a family pageant. If the 5-year-old has older or younger siblings, encourage the children to orchestrate their own pageant and perform it for the adults. Read the Christmas story together beforehand and let him direct the pageant as he remembers the story. Let your son choose the costumes for each character and hang a sheet in the doorway as a curtain for the final performance.

Snowy Christmas Shapes

Help your 5-year-old make Christmas-themed stencils, such as Santa, a Christmas tree and a sleigh, by having him draw the images on a poster board and cutting them out yourself. Show him how to hold the stencil against the window and spray the decorative foam around the poster board, leaving the snowy outline of his design. Emphasize that spraying decorative snow is an activity for adults only and promptly hide the snow spray in the least obvious location.

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