Christmas Angel Handprint Craft

by Christi Aldridge
Handprints make beautiful angel wings in this kids' craft.

Handprints make beautiful angel wings in this kids' craft.

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Handprint crafts make sweet mementos. Transform kids' tiny hands into angel wings for a festive Christmas decoration that can liven up a homemade Christmas card, gift wrap or simply be hung on the wall of a classroom to celebrate the holidays. This craft is appropriate for kids of any age and will be treasured by parents year-round.


There are two ways this craft can be made. The handprint wings can either be made using white paint or white construction paper. Consider the age of the kids when making this choice. Several colors of construction paper, a pencil, paintbrush, safety scissors, tape and markers are also needed for this craft. The angel can also be embellished with glitter glue or feathers and school glue. To hang the angel, you will need a hole punch and some ribbon.


Create angel wings with paint by using a paintbrush to paint white washable paint on to both of your child's hands. Help your child stamp the hands on to a brightly colored piece of construction paper with the thumbs touching and fingers outstretched to look like wings. Alternately, press your child's hands on to a piece of white paper and trace both hands. Cut the hands out and glue them to a piece of paper to form the angel's wings.


Make the angel's body by cutting a triangle shape out of construction paper. The triangle's point will be the top of the body, with the wider portion being the angel's dress. Glue the triangle in the center of the handprints using school glue. Create a head for the angel by cutting a circle out of construction paper and gluing it to the triangle's point. Draw facial features on to the circle as you desire, and color some hair around the circle for your angel using markers.


Draw a halo around the angel's head with silver or gold glitter glue and embellish the angel's dress. Glue white feathers on to the hands to look more like real angel wings, and use markers to decorate the angel as you desire. Write "Merry Christmas" or other holiday greetings on to the paper and make a Christmas card out of the handprint angel craft. The handprint angel could also hang on the Christmas tree if you cut her out, punch a hole in the top of the craft and thread a ribbon through it.

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