Christening Party Tips

by Laura Myers
A baby's christening brings family and friends together.

A baby's christening brings family and friends together.

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A baby's christening is a joyful occasion that brings family and friends together. The christening ceremony normally takes place in a church and is one of the first milestones in the baby's life. After the ceremony is over, however, the family of the christened child often throws a party to celebrate.


If at all possible, hold the party at a location near the church. Guests will appreciate not having to travel to a second venue. Good choices might be the parish hall or a nearby park. If you live reasonably close to the church, your home might be the best venue. Other ideas are a neighboring restaurant or a nearby event hall. When you choose your venue, remember that the size of the place to a large extent determines the number of guests. The venue also helps to establish a particular mood. A park is perfect as a place for casual fun, particularly if small children will be present. On the other hand, if you plan to have an elegant afternoon tea, your home or the church hall would make better choices.


After you have selected a venue, choose a color scheme. Coordinated colors will bring a certain kind of harmony to the party. For a christening party it is important to choose light, cheerful colors that are suited to a happy event centering around a baby. Choose two colors and an accent such as silver or gold. For example, apple green and pink with silver accents would make a good color combination for a girl's christening party, while blue, orange and splashes of gold would suit a boy's party.


Along with coordinated colors, a consistent theme will provide a harmonious aspect to your christening party. The theme should match the occasion and it should be repeated throughout the party. For example, your invitations, flowers, decorations, cake and favors can all evoke the theme. Typical theme ideas for christening parties are angels, babies' footprints, candles, Victorian children and old fashioned flowers such as lilies and forget-me-nots. Whenever possible coordinate your theme items with the color scheme.


You will serve different types of refreshments, depending upon the venue and the time of day. If the party is close to noon and the guests haven't eaten, unless you want to starve them you will need to serve lunch. If the party is later in the afternoon, you may decide upon an elegant afternoon tea or even a barbecue. One essential element of a christening party is the cake. Traditionally, this is a white cake with white frosting, decorated with the baby's name and the date. Many people also like to make a toast to the baby's health at a christening party, so have special non-alcoholic drinks or wine on hand for this purpose.


Your guests will appreciate it if you give them a small memento of the occasion. Suitable favors for christenings include crosses, religious medals, angels, small Bibles and candles. Another idea is to give each guest a small framed photo of the baby dressed in the christening gown. Your baby's christening day is important in the life of your family, so marking the day with a lasting keepsake for each guest is entirely appropriate.

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