Chopstick Game for Kids

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Chopsticks provide entertainment for kids.

Chopsticks provide entertainment for kids. Images

In the chopstick game, kids use chopsticks to move objects. The game tests speed, creativity and a child's ability to manipulate chopsticks better than his opponents. There are multiple variations of the game. In some games, kids are placed in teams and race to move an object or empty a bowl. Other games pit two players against one another and have them race to remove objects from the same bowl.

How to Hold Chopsticks

Before playing a chopsticks game, most kids will need a lesson on how to hold and use chopsticks. Have children hold the chopsticks toward the end. Pinch the top stick with the index finger and thumb of the right hand. Wedge the bottom stick in the crease between the thumb and index finger and hold it with the point of the ring finger. Move the top stick to grab items. If children cannot grasp how to correctly use chopsticks, allow them to find their own variation to pick up items for the game.


The difficulty of the chopstick game changes as the materials change. Materials such as marshmallows, raisins and gummy candies are easier to pick up with chopsticks. With these soft items, kids will be tempted to stick the objects onto the chopstick, but must be reminded that they have to use the chopsticks properly or they will be disqualified. For a more difficult game, choose materials such as marbles, rice or hard candy such as M&Ms; or mini jaw breakers.

Chopsticks Race

In a chopsticks race, children must move objects from one bowl to another using their chopsticks. This game may be played with two kids racing against one another to empty one bowl into another, or as a relay where kids are placed into two teams. With the relay, each child receives a pair of chopsticks and stands in a line. The first person in line has a full bowl. Every other person in line has an empty bowl. Kids use their chopsticks to transfer the objects in the first bowl down the line until they all reach the last bowl.

Chopsticks Battle

To hold a chopsticks battle, two children are each given a pair of chopsticks and one bowl full of the desired materials. The game may be played in two ways. In one version of the battle, players race to see how many pieces each player can remove from the bowl in one minute. The second version requires multi-colored candies or other objects in the bowl. An announcer calls out instructions, such as "grab a blue marble," and the first player to successfully complete the task wins the round.

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