How to Chop a Longboard

by Michael Monet
The Wood Chop is a standing trick.

The Wood Chop is a standing trick.

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Longboarding is a warm-weather sport that takes time and patience to master. Like skateboarding, longboarding consists of pushing off the ground with your supporting foot while guiding a flexible, longboard on wheels with your dominant foot. Once you achieve balance and coordination on your board, it's time to move onto tricks. The trick called the "chop," or "wood chop," involves alternating between a double and single leg stance as you complete large carves on the board. This type of longboard "dancing" was developed by Adam Colton, a sponsored longboarder from Santa Monica with 13 years of experience in this sport.

Step 1

Push off several times to gain moderate speed on your board. Hop both feet onto the board and ride with your knees slightly bent.

Step 2

Step your dominant foot up and to the right edge of the board. Simultaneously stick your left foot off the board to the left side. Practice balancing with just your dominant foot on the board.

Step 3

Bend your body to the right as you balance on your right foot and stick your left foot out. The board will carve to the right. Balance it by hopping your left foot back on the board. The board curves back to the left.

Step 4

Bend your right knee for balance when you take your left foot off the board and carve. Jump your left foot back onto the board to catch the carve and direct it to the left.

Step 5

Pick up speed by pushing off harder or going down a small hill. Move your right foot to the right edge of the board and simultaneously stick your left foot out to the left side. The board carves right. Jump your left foot back onto the board to carve left. Repeat, making each carve longer and deeper than the last.

Tips & Warnings

  • Wear protective gear, such as a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and wrist pads, when longboarding --especially when practicing a new trick.

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