Chippettes Birthday Party Ideas

by Jamie Farber
A Chippettes themed birthday party is perfect for young children.

A Chippettes themed birthday party is perfect for young children.

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The Chippettes -- Brittany, Jeannette and Eleanor -- are the female counterparts to Alvin and the Chipmunks. The girls originally appeared in the mid-1980s cartoon and made their big screen debut in 2009 with "Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel." If you have a little Chippette fan, a birthday party themed after the rodent girl group could be a platinum hit with your target audience.


What better way to announce your party theme than with a Chippette invitation? There are several different websites that offer customized Chippettes designs, but you can also create your own at home. To make one, download pictures of Brittany, Jeannette and Eleanor and place them in a word processing or desktop publishing document on your home computer. There are several options for wording, including "The Chippettes are squirreling away some fun for (birthday girl's name) birthday party. You won't want to miss it!" or "Brittany, Jeannette and Eleanor are getting ready for (birthday girl's name) birthday. The Chippettes know how to sing, but they also know how to throw a party. Join us for some rock 'n' roll fun on (party date)." Another option is "The Chippettes are getting ready for their big concert, but there's room for one more at center stage. Come audition for the band at (birthday girl's name) party!"


As of the date of publication, there are not any licensed Chippettes birthday party decorations or paper products available. Instead, print out pictures of the Chippettes and hang them on the walls. Use pink, purple and green streamers and balloons to add to the festivities. Those are the three dominant colors in the Chippettes' clothes. You can also personalize cups by printing out small pictures of Brittany, Eleanor and Jeannette and gluing them to the front. However, do not glue pictures to any items that will touch food such as a plate.


In the movie "Alvin and the Chipmunks," the Chipmunks' favorite foods are toaster waffles and cheese puffs. You could serve these items and assure the guests they are the Chippettes favorites, too. Or, go the nature route and serve mixed nuts, depending on the ages of your guests, or nut-shaped cookies, since chipmunks living in the wild eat nuts. Another idea is to make everything extra small, since chipmunks are tiny animals. For the birthday cake, try adding Chippettes figurines to the top of a pink, purple and green decorated cake.

Games and Favors

For games, hook up the karaoke machine or turn up the stereo and have a Chippettes singing contest. Let the guests pick their own songs from the "Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel" soundtrack and give them a microphone to show off their talent. You can also give out copies of the soundtrack for party favors. Give the guests a dance lesson so they learn a Chippettes routine, which is copied from the movie, or play "Guess Who," giving the kids clues about different Chippettes and asking them to choose which character you are describing.

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