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by Erin Ringwald
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Use the "Chipmunks" shirt colors when decorating for your party.

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The classic cartoon "The Chipmunks" from 1983 found a new audience in 2007, when the live-action movie "Alvin and the Chipmunks" hit theaters. If your little one loves "The Chipmunks," use them as the theme for your next party. Knowing a few "Chipmunks" themed ideas helps you decide what is right for your party needs.


The invitations you send announce to the guests what to expect from the party. One way to announce a "Chipmunks" theme is by using images from a free photo-sharing site. Print images of Alvin and his brothers, Simon and Theodore, and glue them to heavy card stock. Then write your party information on the back of the invitation. Another idea is to cut shirts out of red, green or blue card stock to represent the three chipmunks. If you use red, also include a yellow "A" on the front. Write the party information on the back of the invitations.


Choose red, blue and green decorations to style your party venue. Tie three balloons together, one red, one blue and one green, and hang them from doorways or in the corners of the room to represent the three brothers. Cover the food table with a red tablecloth. Cut out a large yellow "A" and glue it to the tablecloth's skirt. Since the chipmunks make a name for themselves singing, create microphones by rolling a piece of black construction paper into a tube and stapling it to secure it. Crumple a piece of tin foil into a ball and glue it to the top of the black tube. Place the microphones on the food table as added decorations.


Help keep your guests entertained with "Chipmunks"-themed games. Create a game of "Pin the A on Alvin" using a poster of Alvin. Alternatively, create your own poster-size drawing of him, complete with his red sweater. Give each guest a large yellow letter "A" cut out from a piece of yellow construction paper. Place a piece of double-sided tape on the back of the "A." Guests take turns being blindfolded and spun around, and then trying to place the A onto Alvin's chest. The closest wins. Another idea is to have karaoke for the guests. Let them sing their favorite songs or a selection of "Chipmunks" songs.


Finish the party celebration with a "Chipmunks"-themed cake. If you have small plastic "Chipmunks" toys, use them as decorations atop a frosted birthday cake. Another idea is to carve a cake into the shape of one of the chipmunks. For an Alvin cake, cover the cake in brown fondant. Add a red fondant shirt with a yellow "A."

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