Chinese Raffle Ideas for a Baby Shower

by Jamie Farber
A Chinese raffle at a baby shower can add to the fun and help the mom-to-be.

A Chinese raffle at a baby shower can add to the fun and help the mom-to-be.

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Baby showers are a time to celebrate an impending birth. Games, food and presents are usually the center of the event, but you can add some fun, and help the mom-to-be, by hosting a Chinese raffle. A Chinese raffle is traditionally used at fundraiser-type events, but there are several ways you can modify it to make it a fun part of any baby shower. Make sure you have a prize that will excite a majority of your guests.

Traditional Chinese Raffle

If the mother-to-be could use some financial help, you can consider hosting a traditional Chinese raffle where guests purchase tickets. You will need a prize and tickets with two parts where each have the same number or name. During the party you can offer guests the option to buy tickets for a set price and have the prize on display. Let guests know that the money collected will go to the mom-to-be and will be used for formula, medical bills or other associated costs.

Diaper Raffle

For a twist on a Chinese raffle, have guests bring packages of diapers and, for each package they bring, give them a raffle ticket. Give the diapers to the mom-to-be at the end of the event and pick a winning ticket so one of the guests goes home with a large prize. You'll need to inform guests in advance that you will be having a diaper Chinese raffle so they can bring diapers with them. To encourage larger packages of diapers, you can give tickets for each 10 diapers, or even every diaper, donated.

Baby Services Raffle

The new mom is sure to need some help when the baby arrives, so get your baby shower guests to pledge their help by turning it into a raffle. Have a table set up with a raffle prize, small pieces of paper and writing utensils. The guests can offer to bring a meal to the new family, babysit, clean the house or other services that will be needed. For each service offer, the guest receives a ticket for the raffle. Have the hostess collect the sheets of paper, making sure there is contact information for the guest on each sheet. At the end of the shower, draw one ticket that wins the prize. The hostess can contact the guests about their offers to help once the baby arrives, creating a meal schedule and planning times for babysitting and cleaning. This type of Chinese raffle works best with close family and friends -- people that the new mom will be comfortable with in her home.

Baby Supplies Raffle

Similar to the diaper raffle, the baby supplies raffle will collect items the new mom will need while giving guests the opportunity to win a prize. Guests can bring baby supplies ranging from bottles to baby wash and, for each item brought, they receive a raffle ticket. At the end of the shower, draw one ticket to win the prize and send the baby supplies home with the mom-to-be. To make this type of Chinese raffle a success, you need to let the guests know about it in advance.

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