Children's Story Books About Fishing

by Carla Snuggs

Fishing is a pastime that allows children to throw out a line of hope and create lifelong memories. Whether the child is new to fishing or is an experienced fisher, he can enjoy books that capture the thrill of fishing. The boats, the water, the equipment and sea life are all fascinating to children. When stocking a children's library or buying books, consider buying enchanting picture books with captivating tales of fishing.

'Wishing I Was Fishing'

"Wishing I was Fishing" is a charming picture book by Eva Wells. The story is one of a boy and his father as they prepare for the boy's first fishing trip. As spring approaches, they prepare the boat and collect the necessary equipment. Together they catch their first fish. This book captures the importance of family relationships and patience. Children will love the delicate watercolor illustrations by Chandra Dale. This book is appropriate for children ages 4 to 8.

'A Good Day's Fishing'

James Prosek's storybook, "A Good Day's Fishing," is suitable for children who like to fish as well as who are new to fishing. The story takes children on a humorous tour of the narrator's tackle box. The narrator provides detailed information about fishing equipment, and there are corresponding realistic watercolor drawings. For example, he details the species that each fishing lure is designed to catch. Prosek provides a glossary of a wide range of lures and flies. The picture book is fit for children ages 5 to 10.

'Fishing Day'

Andrea Davis Pinkney handles the subject of race relations and segregation against a backdrop of stream fishing. "Fishing Day" features Reenie, an African-American girl who loves fishing with her mom. She meets a Caucasian boy named Peter Troop, who fishes for food with his dad. The story takes place during a time of racial segregation in the United States. Reenie shows Peter how to catch fish, breaking racial barriers through the interaction. The story includes bold, colorful, sprawling two-page illustrations by Shane W. Evans; one features Reenie helping Peter bait his fishing hook with corn. "Fishing Day" is appropriate for children ages 4 to 9.

'The Fishing Summer'

"The Fishing Summer" is a storybook by Teddy Jam about a boy, his mother and their family's fishing village. The boy wants to go fishing with his uncles, but is too young. His mother finally allows him to join the crew. Over time, he becomes a competent fisher. As he ages and no longer fishes, he reminisces about his days fishing. Stunning, vivid acrylic paintings by Ange Zhang capture the boy's love of fishing. "The Fishing Summer" is sure to please children in preschool through Grade 2.

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