How to Help a Child Memorize Song Lyrics

by Heather Dewar
Singing the same song consistently with your child helps her memorize the lyrics.

Singing the same song consistently with your child helps her memorize the lyrics.

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Memorizing certain songs can help children grasp and retain important concepts such as time, vocabulary and spelling. Some children memorize lyrics easily without assistance. For other children, however, memorization can be a daunting task requiring many tries and lots of work. If your child is struggling with song lyrics, patience and compassion from you are essential. In addition, there are several steps you can take to help your child memorize song lyrics without stress.

Step 1

Make a song memorization game. Write the song lyrics on pieces of construction paper, then cut the paper into sections. Laminate the paper, then place into a container. Let the child put the lyrics into the right order on a table, floor or poster board.

Step 2

Create actions for the song that relate to the lyrics or use sign language. For example, if you have a lyric relating to the sun, have the child hold her hands over her head to form a circle like the sun while she sings that portion of the song.

Step 3

Sing the song with the child as much as possible, using music. Keep your energy level high to hold the child's attention and add elements like silly voices or props to make singing as fun as possible. As the child repeats the song over and over, he will naturally memorize the lyrics.

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