Cheerleading Computer Games

by Michelle Strockbine

There is a variety of computer cheerleader games for children of all ages. Whether you have been a cheerleader for years, are starting out or are just looking for fun cheer activities, computer games allow players to select uniforms, routines, characters and hairstyles as well as be the leader of the entire cheer team. Free computer games, available online; include Football Cheerleader, High School Cheerleader, the Cheerleading Company and Spirit Fever.

Football Cheerleader

Football Cheerleader, which is available at, allows players to choose different uniforms, pompoms and hairstyles for their cheerleader as well as different music options. The cheerleader character performs moves while the football game is in progress. This dress-up game is for younger children and allows players to save the character they made to the computer or webpage.

High School Cheerleader

High School Cheerleader, which is also available at, allows players to choose from one or two player mode. In one player mode, the cheerleader character practices following the moves of the cheer coach and captain. In two-player mode, two cheerleader characters compete against each other to see who can get the most cheer moves correct. This game is for older children, ages seven or older.

Cheerleading Company

The Cheerleading Company, which is available at, is a leading cheerleader supply retailer. In addition to providing free games, they sell uniforms, pompoms, megaphones and cheer accessories. To access their free games, click on the Fun link on the top right hand side of the toolbar and choose a game, which includes Cheer Memory, Pong, Tic Tack Cheer and Cheers and Chants. These games are for a variety of age levels.

Spirit Fever

Spirit Fever, which is available at, allows players to create and manage their own cheerleading squad. After choosing team uniforms, players select their cheer team through a tryout segment that scores potential team members on jumps and moves, then the team moves on to fundraisers, tumbling sequences, dance moves, stunts and other training exercises. This game is for older children, ages seven or older.

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