Cheerleading Camps for Teenagers in Texas

by Lindsay Pick
Cheerleaders now compete at state and national events for squad recognition.

Cheerleaders now compete at state and national events for squad recognition.

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Cheerleading has developed into a competitive sport that requires persistence, practice and dedication on the part of its teen participants. Squads and individuals must develop new and challenging schools to stay on the edge of complicated dance and gymnastic routines. Cheerleading camps for teens provide extra coaching and skill development to help cheerleaders compete at a higher level. Numerous cheerleading camps for teens are available in Texas, some of which are sponsored by national cheerleading organizations.

American Cheerleaders Association

The American Cheerleaders Association ( is a professional organization dedicated to training cheerleaders and coaches and to skill development. Summer camps in Texas are held at Texas Women's University and University of North Texas, both located in Denton. Camps both develop physical skills and help cheerleaders work towards leadership and confidence in their role.

Universal Cheer Association

With overnight camps that teach stunting, tumbling, dance, jumps and mascot work, the Universal Cheer Association ( offers camps that appeal to all ranges of cheerleaders and squads. Offerings in Texas include camps in Galveston, Grapevine, Moody Gardens and Corpus Christi and at major universities such as the University of Texas, Texas State University and Texas A&M.; The wide range of locations means cheerleaders should be able to locate an intensive camp in their region of Texas very easily.

MA Camps

MA Dance focuses camps on helping cheerleaders choreograph and develop explosive dance routines for football, basketball and competition. Overnight camps are offered in Houston, San Marcos, Brenham, Ft. Worth and San Antonio. MA also offers private camps for squads looking for even more staff dedication and skill development.

National Cheerleaders Association

Camps sponsored by the National Cheerleaders Association ( help teen cheerleaders work on floor routines, dance, jumps, leadership and pyramid building. The National Cheerleaders Association sponsors over fifteen camps in Texas in locations such as Abilene, El Paso, Dallas, Huntsville and Lubbock. The number of locations facilitates ease of travel and provides a range of dates for participants to sync with busy summer schedules.

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