Cheerleading Camps in Henry, Georgia

by Donny Quinn
Cheerleading camps abound in Henry County, Georgia.

Cheerleading camps abound in Henry County, Georgia.

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Henry County, Georgia, contains many communities in central Georgia, including the towns of Stockbridge, McDonough, Locust Grove and Hampton. With a total population of more than 100,000 people and a space covering 322.7 square miles, according to the, the area also has a large number of cheerleading resources.

Cheerleading Camps

Cheerleading camps serve the cheerleader in multiple ways, from developing the individual's skills to supporting group cohesion. While they generally focus in tumbling and cheer development, these camps also try to create a team atmosphere with movies, play time and other traditional summer camp fare.

Nitro Elite

Nitro Elite ( in McDonough, Georgia, offers an all-day summer camp for cheerleading. With classes starting at 9 a.m. and extending to 4 p.m., the camp moves outside of cheerleading and includes tumbling lessons, basketball, tennis, swimming and field trips. Additionally, if you need early drop-off or late pick-up, the camp makes these available from 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. According to the Nitro Elite website, both boys and girls are welcome. The camp costs $75 per week, or $85 if you want lunch included.

Gym South

Gym South (, in Fayetteville, Georgia, offers a summer cheerleading camp. The camp is open Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., and focuses on gymnastics and cheer while incorporating outdoor activities and movies. While some camps focus more on a continuous program, Gym South understands that students might want to come only three times (or even once) per week. For this reason, administrators created a per-day payment schedule: Camp is $45 per day, $110 per three days and $150 per week. Additionally, Gym South offers cheer camps for toddlers ages 2 through 5 (as long as the child is potty trained).

World Xtreme Gymnastics

World Xtreme Gymnastics ( offers a weeklong summer cheer camp in McDonough, Georgia, that focuses on increasing the tumbling skills of its participants. Offered for three days in the summer from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., this camp seeks to function as an intensive training ground for serious cheerleaders rather than as a summer hangout for those interested in cheer. Camp costs $35 per day or $100 for all three days.

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