Cheerleading Camp for Individuals in Alabama

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Summer camps help girls become better cheerleaders.

Summer camps help girls become better cheerleaders.

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Cheerleading camps provide an opportunity for girls interested in cheerleading to learn new skills and practice their tumbling, spotting and cheerleading moves. Alabama is home to numerous competitive cheerleading centers that offer summer camps for girls of all ages and gymnastics centers that focus on the tumbling aspect of the sport.

College Camps

Younger cheerleaders are able to improve their skills while working with members of college cheerleading squads. Junior high and high school students are invited to attend University of Alabama-Birmingham's Summer Cheer and Dance Camp. The three-day camp runs for four hours a day and teaches girls new cheers and dances. Girls in kindergarten through sixth grade are able to attend the University of Alabama's Elementary Camps held in Colman Coliseum on the university's main campus in Tuscaloosa. Camps last four days and each session is 3 1/2 hours long.

Overnight Camps

Overnight cheerleading camps provide cheerleaders with the opportunity to get away from home and bond with others who have similar interests. Cheer Tech, a sponsor of national cheerleading competitions, offers a three-day Sleepaway Camp in Orange Beach. Girls learn cheers, stunts and other skills as part of the camp. Campers are able to register for the camp as individuals or as part of a team.

Dance and Gymnastics Camps

Dance and gymnastics camps help cheerleaders improve their tumbling and stunt skills. Southeast Alabama Gymnastics Academy in Dothan offers cheerleading camps, gymnastic camps and backspring clinics. For younger children, Head Over Heels Gym in Birmingham offers Camp Fliptastic where children ages 5 through 12 practice their gymnastics skills and participate in other fun activities. The gym also offers summer sessions of its Cheernastics classes for girls over age 6. JFJ Elite Gymnastics in Hoover offers a three-day Cheer Tumbling camp for girls in kindergarten through age 18 to teach tumbling skills required for cheerleading.

Cheerleading Centers

Alabama is home to multiple cheerleading centers that train competitive teams and offer camps and classes to teach cheerleading skills. Alabama Cheerleading Center in Hoover and Tuscaloosa offer special cheer and tumbling classes during the summer months. For girls ages 5 through 12, Cheer Authority in Tuscaloosa offers a three-day Kids Cheer Camp to teach stunting techniques, cheers and dances.

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