Cheer Dance Ideas

by Shannon Ankeny
Changing up traditional cheer routines keeps your audience entertained.

Changing up traditional cheer routines keeps your audience entertained.

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Cheer and dance have been merging, providing a source of physical exercise for kids and opportunities for them to be part of a team. Adding dance to your cheer routines is especially fun when teams are in front of audiences of mixed ages. If your team competes, keeping your choreography lively, fresh and creative will serve you best to please the judges and the crowds.

Premixed Choreography with Music

Cheer associations, such as the Universal Cheer Association, offer summer camps for high school cheer teams where they can learn choreography that comes with premixed music. These are energetic, age-appropriate and audience-friendly routines set to fun and current music selections. They also incorporate cheering and chanting into the routines that you can adapt to your school's needs. These are best for cheer dance routines at home, not competitions.

Private Choreography and Music

There are companies and individuals that will come in and work with your team privately to choreograph a routine. This can give your team the uniqueness and edge it needs if you compete, and can ensure that you meet all competition criteria. Having your music professionally mixed can also give you the opportunity to have your team or cheer club name inserted, and ensures there is no duplicate music during the competition.

Let the Team Choreograph

Break the team into smaller groups of two to three members, let them pick out their own music and choreograph a routine for the rest of the group. This is fun for junior high and high school teams where kids are more self-directed. Make sure routines are about two minutes and that all choreography and music are age and audience appropriate. These are great for pep rallies and home games.

Members Reunion

Inviting past members of the squad to join in on a big home game half-time routine is a fine idea for a cheer dance. Past members might not have the dexterity and ability required to perform technical routines, so a cheer and dance routine is perfect. Invite all past members regardless of age and advertise the performance. This will draw a crowd and be a ton of fun, especially if your team is doing a fund-raiser.

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