Cheap High-Speed Internet in the Gardena, California Area

by Mark Nero
There are multiple options for cheap Internet service in Gardena, California.

There are multiple options for cheap Internet service in Gardena, California.

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If you're looking for inexpensive high-speed Internet service in Gardena, California, there are a handful of options to choose from. Multiple telecommunications companies offer relatively cheap Internet service in the city, with each company's plan having its own distinct features, including distinct pricing ranges, upload and download speeds and other options, such as computer security software.


As of June 2011, AT&T offers three high-speed Internet service packages in Gardena for $15 a month for the first 12 months of service when bundled with telephone service. Without phone, the price is $5 more per month. The highest level of the three includes download speeds of up to 3 megabits per second. The company also offers what it calls its Elite Internet package, which includes downloads of up to 6Mbps, for $20 a month for a year if you have AT&T phone service, or $25 a month without phone.


Comcast offers high-speed Internet service in the city of Gardena at a rate of $20 a month for new customers for the first six months of service, as of June 2011. Included in the package are download speeds estimated at up to 12Mbps and a free suite of computer security software that the company values at $120.

Time Warner

Time Warner offers broadband Internet service in Gardena for $35 a month for up to 12 months as of June 2011. Time Warner service includes download speeds of up to 7.1Mbps and free anti-spam and anti-virus software. Also included is a free system called PowerBoost, which increases download speeds to 12Mbps during the first 10MB of a file download, for a potential total of 17.1Mbps.


Cox offers one low-cost package in Gardena for high-speed Internet service, the Essential package, which includes download speeds of up to 3Mbps and downloads of 384Kbps at a cost of $20 per month for the first three months, as of June 2011. Or for additional $10 a month, you can add another 9Mbps of download speed, for a total of 12Mbps.

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