Facts About the Characters on Comedy Central's "South Park"

by David Harris

"South Park" is an animated television series created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone. The show debuted on Comedy Central in 1997 and, as of 2011, the network is still airing new episodes. The show is intended for mature audiences since much of its humor is crude and dark, but that hasn't prevented many of the show's characters from becoming well-known parts of pop culture.

Principal Characters

The main characters on "South Park" are a group of kids who encounter everyone from Brian Boitano to Satan. Eric Cartman is the fat kid and resident jerk of the group. Cartman spends much of his time eating cheesy poofs and other junk food. Cartman also has a bad temper and loves insulting the other kids, especially Kyle Broflovski, mostly because he is Jewish. Kyle is probably the most sympathetic of the kids on the show. He wears a signature green hat and loves to pick on Cartman for being fat.

Other Main Characters

Stan Marsh is another member of the main core of kids who star in "South Park." Stan is the leader of the group and its everyman. Although Stan can be decisive and leads the group, he vomits when faced with adverse or uncomfortable situations. For the most part, Stan is an average fourth grader. The final core member is Kenny McCormick, whose face is perpetually obscured by his hood. Kenny is the poor kid of the group, a fact the other boys like to pick on him about. The audience can never understand Kenny's muffled voice, and he also dies almost every episode.


Once voiced by the soul singer Isaac Hayes, Jerome "Chef" McElroy is the cook at South Park Elementary School. The Chef loves to give the boys advice about picking up women and making love. Hayes left the show (and has since died) when Stone and Parker made fun of Scientology. Another interesting character on "South Park" is Big Gay Al, who runs "Big Gay Al's Big Gay Animal Sanctuary." Big Gay Al teaches the "South Park" boys that being gay is "super!" He was also the Boy Scout Leader before losing his job for being gay.


No one causes problems for the boys like Sheila Broflovski, mother of Kyle. The stereotypical, overbearing Jewish mother, Sheila Broflovski wages ill-advised one-woman crusades for causes she feels are just, such as anti-swearing. She especially hates the Canadian actors Terrance and Philip. Stan's sister Shelly Marsh also causes problems for the boys. She wears headgear, hates life but loves calling Stan and his friends "turds." However much she loves beating up Stan, she will stick up for him if needed.

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