Centerpieces You Can Make on Your Own for a Monkey-Themed Birthday Party

by Audrey Farley
Monkey-themed centerpieces are easily created at home.

Monkey-themed centerpieces are easily created at home. Images

Monkey-themed birthday parties are popular for boys and girls. Decorating for a monkey-themed party can be a lot of fun for parents, especially parents that enjoy doing crafts. There are various creative ways to make centerpieces that reflect a monkey theme. With the following centerpiece ideas, you can also involve your birthday child in the preparation for the party.

Balloon Bouquet

A fun and easy centerpiece idea is a stuffed animal monkey holding a bouquet of balloons. You can use regular sized or miniature balloons. Cut ribbons at least 4 feet in length so that balloons do not interfere with items on the table. Inflate the balloons with helium and tie a ribbon to each balloon. Place the ribbons into a bunch and tie to the hand of the stuffed animal monkey.

Dangling Monkeys

Create a centerpiece using the famous Milton Bradley toy, Barrel of Monkeys. This item includes plastic monkeys whose arms and tails curve so that monkeys can be interlocked and linked together. Create a chain of monkeys to dangle over the barrel or hang from the branch of a plant. You can use a tropical plant or flower, if desired.

Mini Canopy

Create a miniature canopy centerpiece with just a few simple materials. Reuse the cardboard rolls from paper towel rolls. Wrap the rolls with green or brown streamers and glue several rolls upright onto a piece of flat cardboard. Twist green and brown streamers between the rolls to create vines and tree branches. Dangle plastic monkeys from the vines.

Banana Candy

Fill a glass bowl, vase or jar with yellow banana-shaped candy. Make a monkey stick figure by drawing a monkey face, limbs and tail on brown construction paper and then cutting out these parts and gluing them onto a wooden stick. Prop the wooden stick in the candy. Arrange real bananas around the the vase, if desired.

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