Celebrity Party Invitation Ideas

by Cheryl Munson
Jazz up invitations with silver, gold and colorful glitter.

Jazz up invitations with silver, gold and colorful glitter.

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A celebrity party theme is always a good draw to get people to turn out for a party. Use a celebrity theme for invitations to host a party on awards night, for a birthday party, backyard barbecue, graduation or any type of occasion. Make your graphics colorful and lively, and design an invitation that people will want to hang on to after the party is over.

Full-Access Pass Invitation

Everybody dreams about having a full-access pass to go backstage to mix and mingle with celebrities after a concert or performance. Use the idea of a backstage pass to design your party invitation. Use your computer to design the pass. Create a headline, such as "Josh's 21st B-Day Jam. Be There!" along with the party date, time and address. Photoshop a picture of the host or person of honor along with the person's favorite band. Add a line such as "VIP Full Access Pass" in big bold letters at the bottom. If you have time, personalize each invitation by adding the name of the invited guests. Print the invitations and have them laminated. Take a paper hole punch and punch a hole at the top to connect a lanyard.

Country Western Backyard Barbecue Invitation

A down-home backyard barbecue is a perfect party theme to design an invitation featuring Country Western music stars. Have a few friends or family members pose in the backyard sitting around the barbecue grill. Snap the picture, then Photoshop the heads of top country music stars in the place of the heads of friends and family. Design a graphic that looks like a menu board for a diner to add the party date, time and place. Use the photo for the cover and put the menu board on the inside of the invitation.

Hip-Hop T-Shirt Invitations

Turn a T-shirt into an invitation for a party with a hip-hop theme. Go on the Internet and find publicity pictures of the guest of honor's favorite hip-hop stars. Use your computer to design a hip graphic with the images, name of the guest of honor or the party occasion, such as a birthday or graduation party. Use iron-on transfer sheets to put the designs on T-shirts. Get large padded envelopes to mail the T-shirts to guests.

Sunglasses Invitations

Sunglasses are iconic with the bright lights, glitz and glamorous life of Hollywood. Use sunglasses to design invitations that will be fun and creative. Purchase inexpensive pairs of sunglasses from a discount or dollar-type store. Use your computer to write the party details on the left column, and the date, time and place details on the right column. Purchase full-sheets of clear labels from an office supply store to print the party details. Trace the shapes for the lenses around the party details and cut out the labels to adhere the details on the sunglasses. Use a heavy card stock and add publicity photos of Hollywood stars around the border of the paper. Design the card stock so you can print two invitations per sheet. Use a paper punch to insert the rims of the sunglasses through the front to the backside. Fold over the rims and use twist ties to tie-them together. Mail the invite in a small box to invited guests.

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