Celebrity Hot Spots in NYC

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The Big Apple attracts more than its share of celebrities.

The Big Apple attracts more than its share of celebrities.

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New York City is an epicenter of TV and film production, home of Broadway theater, plays host to several celebrity award ceremonies and offers all the glamor of the big city lights. With a little luck, you might see a celebrity or two just walking around the city, but if you are looking for the places where celebrities gather, there are several ways to go about starting your search.

Clubs and Restaurants

New York is filled with clubs and bars, but some of the most popular choices with celebrities are those owned by celebrities themselves. With names like Reggie Jackson, Jude Law, Quentin Tarantino, Bono, Robert DeNiro, Michael Jordan and, of course, Jay-Z owning clubs and restaurants in New York City, there is no shortage of places where celebrities feel at home. Choose from many, including The 4040 Sports Bar & Lounge (the4040club.com) and The Box (theboxnyc.com), a modern version of Manhattan's mega clubs of the 1970s and '80s.


Celebrities and other VIP's who do not live in the city frequent some of its best rated four- and five-star hotels. The Mandarin Oriental (mandarinoriental.com) is where Liam Neeson, Lance Armstrong and Helen Mirren often stay. The Hotel Gansevoort (hotelgansevoort.com) in the trendy Meatpacking district is a frequent hangout of Jay-Z, Lindsay Lohan and Nicky Hilton. Hotels such as the Grammercy Park Hotel (grammercyparkhotel.com) are used as both accommodation and party venues by celebrities including Madonna, Halle Berry and Donald Trump


Luxury shopping is a favorite pastime for many celebrities, and certain Manhattan shops have become hot spots over the years. Barneys (barneys.com) is a venerable Fifth Avenue outfitter where you might find Victoria Beckham or Halle Berry shopping around, and its location near the ultra high-end boutiques of Fifth Avenue make its surroundings just as likely to provide a glimpse of any number of other famous New Yorkers. High-end spas such as J Sisters (jsisters.com), Serge Normant at the John Frieda Salon (sergenormantjohnfrieda.com) and the Susan Ciminelli Day Spa (susanciminelli.com) all regularly welcome celebs such as Julia Roberts, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira and Tyra Banks for treatment.


Some New York City neighborhoods are home to groupings of celebrity dwellings. These areas can be considered hot spots in themselves and can reveal glimpses of celebrities living everyday life. The best, cheapest and perhaps most amusing way to spot celebs might be to see them on the street doing everyday things completely out of character from their onstage persona. Although Soho, Fifth Avenue and Central Park are all great celebrity spotting venues, much of the island of Manhattan is covered with celebrity homes and can offer the chance to see stars living their lives.


Even some of the city's trendy bowling alleys have become a gathering place for celebs enjoying a little sport. Bowlmore Lanes at the Port Authority Terminal (bowlmor.com) has long been a late night favorite amongst Manhattan yuppies but has lately become a hang out for Al Pacino and John Legend. 300 New York at the high-end sporting complex in Chelsea Piers (chelseapiers.com) is where Yankee Jorge Posada, actor Julianne Moore and Al Gore have all bowled a frame. Astoria Bowl (astoriabowl.com) in the borough of Queens even served as the backdrop for the film "I Don't Know How She Does It," starring Pierce Brosnan and Sarah Jessica Parker.

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