Celebrity Comedy Shows in Texas

by Ted Marten

Celebrity comics often travel the country performing in various venues, entertaining audiences with jokes and acts. While comedy clubs in the state of Texas regularly feature local talent, celebrities perform special shows for one or two nights. In addition to comedy shows, clubs also offer workshops, classes and open mic nights to beginners and novices.

Laugh Out Loud Comedy Club

The Laugh Out Loud Comedy Club (lolsanantonio.com) in San Antonio has been making people laugh for the last 16 years, as of 2011. The club has hosted a number of celebrity comics, including Drew Carrey, Richard Lewis, George Lopez, Larry the Cable Guy, Chris Rock and Tommy Chung. A restaurant is also on site, and specialty drinks are available as well.

El Paso Comic Strip Comedy Club

El Paso Comic Strip Comedy Club (laff2nite.com) opened in 1986 and features a full-service bar for its patrons. The showroom can accommodate more than 300 individuals and is available for parties. Famous comedians who have stepped on stage include Jim Carrey, Dave Chapelle, Ellen DeGeneres, Tim Allen and Steve Harvey.

Cap City Comedy Club

Cap City Comedy Club (capcitycomedy.com) is in Austin and features comedy shows and events throughout the year. In addition to an open mic night every Sunday night, the club offers comedy classes for beginning comics. Famous comedians who have performed at the venue include Doug Benson, Hal Sparks and Judah Friedlander.

Backdoor Comedy

Located in Dallas, Backdoor Comedy (backdoorcomedy.com) has been operating for the last 15 years, as of 2011. The club offers comedy shows, open mic opportunities, birthday parties and workshops for aspiring comedians. While the club has regular performers, some of the celebrities who have graced the stage include David Spade, Bill Engvall and Eddie Brill.

The Improv

The Improv (improv.com) started in New York City in 1963 and has clubs all over the country, including in Houston. While some of the top names in comedy have performed at The Improv over the years, Houston residents have recently been entertained by Paul Rodriguez, Christopher Titus, Aries Spears, Ralphie Mays and Steve-O.