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What to Do for an 11-Year-Old Girl's Birthday Party?

Age 11 can be a tricky birthday party age for your little girl. The traditional party games, such as Pin the Tail on the Donkey, become too juvenile, yet you still need a structured event to keep your guests interested. Choosing activities that incorporate fun into a more grown-up theme is your best bet for your little tween. Allowing the birthday girl to help plan and set up for the party will help make the day unforgettable for her.

What to Do for a 12-Year-Old Girl's Birthday Party

Twelve-year-old girls are preteens who often want to feel more grown-up. A birthday party for a 12-year-old girl can include activities that allow her to feel more grown-up while still being able to have fun with her friends. Instead of simply planning a party for her, parents should allow their 12-year-old to have a lot of input into what her party will look like.

13 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas for Girls That Are Less Than 150 Dollars

Your 13-year-old is longing for the birthday party of her dreams, but your budget is pretty small this year. Don't worry -- you don't have to break the bank to throw an unforgettable birthday party. Even with just $150, you can give your special girl a party so creative and fun that she'll be happily thanking you for the rest of the year.

14th Birthday Party Games

When 14-year-olds gather for a birthday party, having games for them to play can create a more enjoyable and memorable time. Even though the teens may be “too grown” for childish games, planning games around the teens' interests is a sure way to encourage them to play along. Awarding gift cards is also an enticing way to get the teens to participate and try their best.

14-Year-Old Birthday Party Ideas Outside the House

A 14-year-old adolescent is past the point of dolls and plastic trucks. Throwing a party for a 14-year-old requires an element of "cool" and and potential for physical activity to quell the teenage energy and mischief. The outdoor party is ideal during the summer and fall months, but winter and spring also provide opportunities in temperate climates.

What to Get an 18-year-old for Her Birthday Party

By her 18th birthday, she's nearly completed all of her teenage years, and is soon to become an adult. As a result, the 18th birthday party and gifts should not be childish, nor too grown up. It's important to find an even balance because the birthday girl is on the cusp of adulthood, but has not yet finished her teenage years.

1980s Themed Birthday Party

It was in the 1980s that we fell in love with movies such as "Star Trek" and "The Breakfast Club," obsessed over the writings of Stephen King and danced to the tunes of Michael Jackson and Vanilla Ice. If you were born in the 1980s or if this time period is special to you, celebrate your birthday by throwing a party with an '80s theme. There are many ways to represent this decade in your party, from entertainment to food.

1st Birthday Party Ideas for the Month of July

Babies born in July bring to mind summer-themed birthday parties. If your baby was born in July and you need a first birthday party theme, there are different ways to incorporate the season and include some of your baby's favorite things. Of course, the party will be more for you at this point than for your child, so have fun with it!

What to Do for a 3-Year Old Birthday Party?

It's easy to become overwhelmed with options when planning a birthday party for a toddler. Planning a birthday party for your child doesn't have to be a stressful process. Turning three means your child is finally leaving the terrible two's! You can use your child's favorites to celebrate this exciting time and create a party your child and the guests will love.

40th Birthday Party Ideas for Hunting Guys

Men enjoy participating in many extracurricular activities that most women cannot fathom, such as hunting. If you know a hunting enthusiast, you probably shouldn't be surprised when he comes to dinner in his best pressed camouflage wear. Planning a theme party for a hunting guy who is turning 40 can be as simple as adding some green and beige decorations, and incorporating some hunting ideas into the games and party favors.

40th Birthday Party Ideas in Kent, Washington

Kent, Wash., lies right between the big cities of the Puget Sound area, about 20 miles south of Seattle and 20 miles north of Tacoma. Its population of more than 92,000 makes it the seventh-largest city in Washington, according to 2010 Census figures. It also means that there should be lots of ways to celebrate a 40th birthday. No matter what your pleasure -- from recreation to shopping to dining to relaxing -- there should be a place and a way for everyone to celebrate.

50th Anniversary Barbie Birthday Party Ideas

Barbie celebrated her 50th anniversary in 2009, still standing at the top of the charts in doll sales. Mattel reports that three Barbie dolls are sold every second. Little girls across the world have played with the fashion doll, dressed her and indulged in various companion products such as Barbie computers and cameras, cars, dollhouses, dude farms and fashion items. A 50th anniversary Barbie birthday party can incorporate many ideas.

Birthday Party Ideas in Mammoth Lakes, California

Mammoth Lakes, California is a town of around 8,000 residents in Mono County. Mono County rises from the Pacific Coast to over 7,000 feet by the time you reach Mammoth Lakes, which sits atop a good deal of seismic activity, including natural hot springs and an occasional earthquake. In the shadow of Mount Morison and surrounded by natural mountain lakes, the town is renowned for its natural beauty and offers several unusual birthday celebration options.

50th Birthday Etched Glass Party Favor Ideas

You're planning your loved one's 50th birthday celebration, which means you'll want the party favors to be just as memorable as the wonderful time all the guests will have at this milestone celebration. Etched glass party favors are an elegant item to send everyone home with, particularly when the 50th birthday favors are personalized with images that showcase the guest of honor's life achievements or decorative preferences.

50th Birthday Office Party Ideas for a Boss

Reaching 50 is an achievement that needs recognition. As co-workers you will want to do something meaningful and fun at the office to help your boss celebrate his big day. With some ideas you will be on your way in planning an appropriate 50th birthday party that both your boss and co-workers will enjoy

50th Birthday Party Ideas in Boston, Massachusetts

Boston is one of the largest cities on the Eastern Seaboard. While this may make some things, like traveling, more difficult, it makes things like throwing birthday parties for yourself or a loved one much simpler. When choosing a location for a birthday party in Boston, make sure to match the theme of the party location to the mood of the event. For example, a park might suit a large, loud event more than an art gallery.

50th Birthday Party Ideas for a Co-worker

Reaching 50 years is a milestone that deserves recognition. If one of your co-workers is turning 50, make an effort to give him a special celebration and put a smile on his face. You have many options to choose from, depending on how well you know your co-worker and the money you want to spend. Come up with a plan that fits with the 50-year-old theme and make it a day to remember.

Birthday Background Themes

While the main focus of a birthday party is always the birthday, you can add an interesting twist to the occasion by combining the celebration with a specific background theme. It doesn't matter whether your theme is obvious or obscure, as long as it pertains to the guest of honor in a meaningful way. Make a list of the hobbies and interests of the birthday boy or girl, and choose one to use as your party theme.

50th Birthday Party Ideas in Daphne, Alabama

A person's 50th birthday is a major milestone, and it should be celebrated in style. The best birthday parties incorporate the person's interests and hobbies, so keep that in mind when planning the party. Daphne, Alabama, is a small town on Mobile Bay, and there are many unique ways to throw a 50th birthday bash in the area.