Catholic Bridal Shower Games

by Mary Sharp
Giving gifts and playing games are important elements of a bridal shower.

Giving gifts and playing games are important elements of a bridal shower.

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A bridal shower is a special and exciting time to get together with women close to the bride, have cake, give the bride gifts, discuss the details of the wedding and, yes, play games. Bridal showers sometimes have a reputation for games that are a little inappropriate. If you are a religious-minded person and having a Catholic wedding, there are lots of appropriate games to play at your bridal shower that are fun and convey a Christian message at the same time.

Bible Pair Memory

This is a fun trivia game for all of your friends that enjoy reading the bible. Using index cards, write the name of a biblical figure (who is part of a couple) on one side of one index card. Write the name of that person's spouse on another index card. This will form a pair. Make 10 to 12 pairs using biblical couples. Use each couple only once. Once the guests arrive, place all of the cards face down on a flat surface. Take turns flipping two cards over and reading the names. If the two cards do not form a match, turn them back over. If a person gets a match, she goes again. The person with the most matches at the end is the winner. Biblical couples to use include Samson and Delilah, Adam and Eve and Mary and Joseph.

Bible Baby Race

If you and your fiance are planning to start a family soon, consider having a bible baby name race at your bridal shower. Give each player a sheet of paper and a pen. Using a stopwatch, time everyone for one minute as each player races to write down as many babies that appear in the bible as she can. At the end of a minute, yell "stop." The person with the most baby names wins.

Pin the Veil on the Bride

This is a silly twist on the classic game, Pin the Tail on the Donkey, and it's a good way to have some wholesome fun at your bridal shower. Print off a picture of a bride and have it blown up at a copy center. For added fun, have a picture of you in your wedding dress blown up. Place this picture on a wall. Give each player a toy bridal veil (available at many bridal shops or craft stores) with a masking tape loop stuck to the top. Blindfold each player one at a time and have them walk forward and try to place the veil on the bride's head. The player that gets closest to the bride's head wins. If you want to make this game more directly Christian-themed, try pinning a cross necklace on the bride's neck or a bible in her hand.

Bible Verse Race

Before your guests arrive, write down several bible verses that pertain to marriage. These verses could describe marriage directly or could serve as marriage advice such as "Love is patient, love is kind." Be sure to write down the book and verse number for each. Have the guests bring their own bibles to the shower or pass out bibles to each guest (these make good party favors). Read the verse out loud without telling the book and verse number and have the players race to find the verse in the bible. The first to find the verse scores a point. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins.

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