Catchy Wording for Invitations for Bridal Showers

by Krista Lee Childers
Bridal showers are usually thrown by close friends of the bride.

Bridal showers are usually thrown by close friends of the bride.

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You or your friend just got engaged and you want to have a party to celebrate. Bridal showers originated in the 1890s in order for friends and family of the bride to provide gifts and financial help for the wedding, as well as to celebrate the bride. One of the first things a host will need for the shower is invitations. Clever and catchy wording relating to marriage and brides helps draw the attention of the invitees and makes the party exciting and memorable.


Start with a verse or rhyme scheme for the front of the invitation such as, "A Sprinkle of flowers and a couple of kisses, soon David and Karen will be Mr. and Mrs. But as we wait for that special hour, let's honor Karen with a Surprise Bridal Shower," "Star light, Star bright, Jennifer has found her Mr. Right! Come help us shower the star-stuck bride" or "There's nothing more fun when rain falls from above then being under an umbrella with the one you love."


Quotes can be funny or meaningful, but a big vague. After a quote like "A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous" or "The greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved," write "Beth is getting married," "You are invited to Erin's bridal shower" or "Come celebrate Rachel, the bride-to-be!" Use a quote from the bride's favorite author, poet or actor for a more personal touch.

Associated Words

"Tie the knot," "hitch," "wedding bells," "nuptials," "love," "honor" and "cherish," along with many other words, are associated with weddings and bridal showers. Add related words to your invitation for the location, time and gifts. "Help Jackie tie the knot at Imagine restaurant at 3:30 p.m. on May 9th" or "Enjoy some tea and desserts for the sweetest bride-to-be" incorporate both the bride and the details of the shower. Be creative and specific to the bride. Themed parties allow for more associated words, for example, a Paris-themed party can incorporate "language of love" or French words like "Ooh la la."


Depending on the theme, location or personality of the bride, a straightforward and simple invitation might be best. You can still use catchy wording, but with elegance. "We request the pleasure of your company at Jean's Bridal Shower," "Please join us in honoring Annie's engagement to Ted," "First comes love... please join us for Kerry's Bridal Shower" or "Love is in the air for Stacey and Gregg. Please come celebrate Stacey's upcoming nuptials with a bridal shower at Sarah's Tea Shop" are styles of wording that imply what the guests are celebrating. Mentioning the groom can confuse the guests into thinking it is a couple shower so make sure you mention that it is a "bridal" shower in the invitation.

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