Catchy Wording for 40th Birthday Invitations

by Kyra Sheahan
Attract guests to your 40th birthday party with catchy invitation wording.

Attract guests to your 40th birthday party with catchy invitation wording.

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Turning the big 4-0 is a reason to celebrate, and the festivities can commence as early as when you send out the invitations for the birthday party. If you want to grab your invitees' attention with the party announcement, hook them in with catchy wording on the invitation. Since a 40th birthday is a middle-age milestone, feel free to throw in over-the-hill jokes if the birthday person appreciates that sense of humor.

Write a Poem

Poems are naturally catchy when they rhyme, so use one on the 40th birthday party invitations. Write, "Carol Ann is all aglow as she prepares to turn the big 4-0." Or, "It's a party, don't be late: Bob's turning 40 and his birthday won't wait."

Make it Humorous

If the birthday person has a good sense of humor, make the 40th birthday invitations funny with over-the-hill jokes. You might say, "Jerry's turning 40! Let's celebrate his climb over the hill." Or, "Now that Mary-Lou is turning 40, let's throw her a face-lifting -- er -- UPlifting party!"

Use a Quote

Find a famous quote that pertains to a 40th birthday and use it in the birthday invitation. For instance, you might use Voltaire, the French philosopher's quote, "What most persons consider as virtue, after the age of 40 is simply a loss of energy." Or, for a man's birthday, include the famous quote from the Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw that says, "Every man over 40 is a scoundrel."

Give a Preview

Get your invitees' attention by giving them a preview of things to come on the birthday invitation. You might write, "You won't want to miss Lucy's 40th birthday party. Why? Because we secretly spiked her cake with truth serum." Or, "Don't miss out on your chance to see naked baby pictures of Herman as we play a slideshow of them at his 40th birthday party."

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