How to Catch Big Air on a Wakeboard

by Sean Hill
Learn how to hit wakes just right and get air.

Learn how to hit wakes just right and get air. Images

Catching air on a wakebaord is almost completely contrary to one's instinct to thrust his legs into the ground when jumping. When jumping a wake, unlike jumping on land, you must let the tension of the rope and the ramp-like shape of the wake do most of the work for you. For that reason, it can be difficult to jump a wake correctly. However, if you start small and do not approach the wake too aggressively, you will begin to catch bigger and bigger air.

Step 1

Ride 10-15 feet outside of the wake, toes facing away from the wake.

Step 2

Cut in toward the wake. Start out with a gradual cutting angle and progressively cut in harder as you approach the wake.

Step 3

Extend your knees and stand tall as you hit the peak of the wake.

Step 4

Draw the board toward your body while in the air to extend the airtime.

Tips & Warnings

  • Maintain tension in the rope throughout the movement.
  • Do not be tempted to ride too quickly at the wake; this will actually make your jump weaker because cutting in too fast creates slack in the rope. Slack in the rope means less momentum.
  • Do not lift your knees when you crest over the wake; instead, stand tall.

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