What Is a Cast Party?

by Daniel Fox
A cast party offers the cast of a production a chance to let loose.

A cast party offers the cast of a production a chance to let loose.

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A cast party is a party involving the cast of a production after the production has run its course. Cast parties traditionally applied to theater and opera productions but now also include television and film. Cast parties only involve the actors and offer an opportunity for the performers to celebrate and commemorate the end of a job.

Wrap Party

A wrap party differs from a cast party in that the former involves the entire cast and crew of a production. The term "wrap party" is also more associated with film and television than the theater. It is, however, quite common for a party to be thrown for all participants at the end of a play or musical. The film studio often throws the wrap party, and they can be quite extravagant.


Broadway and productions on London's West End often throw momentous cast parties. Cast parties of this scale often occur at popular restaurants or high-end nightclubs. There is usually some form of press coverage of the event. Cast parties of this sort can hit the celebrity tabloid press with tales of what transpired.


Cast parties are a staple of the amateur theater circuit. Following the end of an amateur production, cast parties celebrate the run. As amateur productions involve less money all around, notably behind the scenes, the actors can carry additional tasks in the overall production outside of their performances. Thus, cast parties are an opportune time to celebrate an arduous run.


Cast parties attract the paparazzi due to the high amount of celebrities in television and film. The paparazzi might even treat a cast party, which is a private affair, like a more public event such as an awards show. Due to this factor, if the presence of the paparazzi is not welcome, secrecy about the party's location may be in order.

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