Casino Theme Birthday Party Wording

by Filonia LeChat

Continuing to sprout up in meccas such as Atlantic City and Las Vegas as well as smaller properties throughout the United States and abroad, casinos draw visitors as much for the opulence as for the chance to strike it rich. Casinos also lend themselves well to theme nights for their easy imitation factor; a few plastic chips and decks of cards and you're on your way. Prepare guests for a lucky birthday event by getting the word out early. Drop some luck into invitees' mailboxes and they'll be pulling the one-armed bandit's lever to R.S.V.P.

Press Your Luck

Even if there won't be any gambling or party games at the birthday event, use "luck" as a major theme in the invitation's wording to keep the casino spirit alive. Start off the invitation with, "Luck be a lady--or gent--who gets invited to this casino-themed birthday party!" Close with, "Do you feel lucky, punk? Well, do you? Then R.S.V.P. by June 22!"

Cool Comps

Make your invited guests feel like the high rollers do when casinos trip over themselves to "comp" players. Players who spend a lot of money in casinos often receive benefits such as free meals, free show tickets and free nights in the hotel. While you may not want to invite your party guests to put down roots, you can make them feel similar to high rollers by wording the party invitation like a comp. Include "free tickets" to everything you plan for the evening, such as, "This invitation entitles the invitee to a free pass to gift opening, a free can of soda, free conversation, free laughs, free parking, a free viewing of our major feature on DVD and free entrance to all rooms of the house."

Bountiful Buffets

Whether your casino birthday party features a sit-down meal or server-carried trays of appetizers, word the birthday party invitation with the theme of the familiar casino buffets. Although your party won't have hundreds-of-feet-long warmers featuring around-the-world and under-the-sea offerings with 40 different kinds of desserts such as those found at the Bellagio, Luxor and Stratosphere, include everything you do plan to serve. Make a game out of it, by writing options such as, "On our birthday buffet that evening will be not one, not two, but three! different pizzas with--hold onto your chips--up to 10 different toppings. We're talking pepperoni, we're talking extra cheese and--for you high rollers--lots and lots of pineapple." Include a mention of the birthday cake on the buffet list.

In the Cards

Poker aficionados and non-card players alike will get your theme when you include card symbols and language in the casino theme party invitation. Address the invitations to the King and/or Queen of Diamonds, Hearts, Spades or Clubs; if you have a small enough party, you can actually assign these roles. Let invitees know they should be sure to mark this "ace" in the hole on their calendars so as not to miss the event, and that "Jacks" of all trades are invited.

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