Cars-Themed Birthday Party Ideas

by Shae Hazelton

"Cars" is a Disney-Pixar animated film your child might enjoy. Coming up with ideas for a "Cars"-themed birthday party can be an enjoyable task for you to share with your child. She can teach you about the different "Cars" characters and help you put together a memorable birthday party using the movie theme.

Car Costumes

The children at the party can enjoy the chance to dress up as their favorite characters from the "Cars" movie or even make their own original car designs. Build cardboard cars using a regular cardboard box. Choose a box large enough to fit around the waist of the child wearing it. Break out the bottom of the box. Attach a shoebox to the front and the back of the box to work as the front and back of the vehicle. Build one cardboard car for each child attending the party. Have the children decorate the cars with paint and stickers when they arrive at the party.

Car Race

Your children can be their favorite "Cars" character by racing their decorated cardboard vehicles. Make a designated racecourse with a start line and a finish line. Set the children up at the start line, show them how to complete the course and let them race to the end. Set up a prize such as an extra gift bag or candy for the winner of the race. Consider giving the birthday boy a short head start at the beginning of the race since it's his special day.

Car-Shaped Invitations

Seeing the same invitation repeatedly can be boring. You can spice up the invitations you send by creating different groups of invitations with different characters from the "Cars" movie. Send the different invitations to your guests based on what you know about them. For example, you can send female "Cars" characters to the young ladies attending the party instead of sending a generic card with a male character. If you know the party guests well enough, you can send each one an invitation shaped like their favorite "Cars" character.

Car Cupcakes

Cupcakes are a common snack at many birthday parties. Unlike a single cake, you can make several differently shaped cupcakes that every can enjoy. Mold the frosting into a car shape, and decorate it with food coloring. You can create the entire cast of the "Cars" movie in cupcake form so that the children can pick their favorite characters from the group. The main characters of the movie will probably go the fastest, so make extra cupcakes featuring "Lightening McQueen" and other high-profile characters in the movie.