"Cars"-Themed Birthday Decorations

by Tamiya King
Decorate the birthday party in shades of red that resemble Lightning McQueen.

Decorate the birthday party in shades of red that resemble Lightning McQueen.

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If your child is drawn to characters like Lightning McQueen and Mater, it's a good idea to organize a birthday party for him that features these and other characters from the Disney Pixar movie "Cars." Eye-catching colors and shapes, as well as items associated with race cars, should be included in the decor, and some of these items can also serve as functional additions to the birthday celebration.


Bright, metallic colors like silver, red, blue and purple should be the main hues at a "Cars"-themed celebration. For instance, invitations shaped like Lightning McQueen that feature cherry red and cobalt blue can coordinate with the oversized plush likeness of the movie's main character in the corners of the party space. Or you can add bright purple napkins and flatware to the main table in the same shade as Holley Shiftwell, along with silver bowls in the same shade as Prince Wheeliam, filled with small toy cars that children can take home as favors.

Balloons and Streamers

Purchase several bunches of Mylar balloons in the shape of the "Cars" characters, along with mini-balloons that look like Flo, Mater or Rod "Torque" Redline, to form a bouquet in the center of the table. Streamers in vivid shades of blue and red around the table near the birthday cake and snacks will add more color and texture to the decor, as well as a few streamers along the walls connecting two large groups of themed balloons, or balloons in silver or black.

Tablecloth and Accessories

A tablecloth in the same color as any of the "Cars" characters, such as red, purple, cobalt blue, light blue or purple, is suitable for the birthday party, or you can purchase a cloth in a black-and-white checkerboard pattern to fit the race car theme. Table confetti in the shape of cars or racing flags will make the main table more attractive, and you can also place a mat in the shape of a car or racing flag in front of each of the chairs at the table to make the place setting more appealing for young guests.

Wall Art

Purchase posters that feature the animated characters from "Cars" and house them in black or silver frames to decorate the walls. You can also take candid photos of your little one wearing a "Cars" T-shirt or hat and enlarge the pictures to frame and post on the walls of the party space. Two large racing flags hanging on the wall in red, yellow or blue are fitting as well; decorate each flag with an upbeat message like "Happy Birthday (child's name)" or "(child's name) Is Turning 3!"

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