How to Carry out a Surprise Party for My Parents

by Chelsea Oliver
The key to throwing a successful surprise party is secrecy.

The key to throwing a successful surprise party is secrecy.

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Planning a surprise party is both exciting and fulfilling. If you have a close relationship with your parents and they have an upcoming wedding anniversary, throw a surprise party with all of their closest friends and relatives. The keys to a successful surprise party are to keep it simple and thoughtful, and include elements, such as food, that cater to your parents' tastes. Your mom and dad will certainly appreciate you showing them just how much you care.

Items you will need

  • Invitations
  • Decorations
  • Camera
  • Confetti (optional)
Step 1

Choose an appropriate location for the surprise party. Ask a close friend or relative that your parents do not visit often to host it, or, if you are holding it at your house, arrange to keep the guests of honor away in the days before the party.

Step 2

Establish a guest list. This list should include close friends of both your mom and your dad, as well as relatives and coworkers.

Step 3

Send out invitations to the surprise party in advance, such as three or four weeks prior to the event. Be sure to let the guests know that this party is intended as a surprise; include specific instructions to keep the party top-secret. Ask guests to RSVP to you no later than a week before the party.

Step 4

Order a special cake for the guests of honor. Choose one that reflects the occasion and says "Happy Anniversary!" or a cake in the shape of an item that relates to a hobby your parents share, such as bowling.

Step 5

Remind all of the surprise party guests, via email or phone call, of the date, time and location. The timing is very important, as all of the guests must arrive to the party before your parents.

Step 6

Get in touch with a local company to cater the surprise party with foods your parents will enjoy. If you decide to make the party food yourself, enlist the help of several friends and prepare the food one or two days before the surprise party.

Step 7

Purchase decorations from a party supply store. Choose balloons, tablecloths and streamers in a color that both of your parents will enjoy and decorate the party space the morning of the celebration.

Step 8

Greet your guests as they arrive and thank them for coming and keeping the party a secret. Direct everyone to a hiding spot, turn all of the lights off and wait silently until your parents enter.

Step 9

Jump out and yell "surprise!" in unison with your guests. Shower confetti over your parents as they revel in their surprise party. Don't forget to take pictures before and during the surprise party.

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