What to Carry While Hunting

by Alyssa Ideboen
It's important to pack the right gear before you go hunting.

It's important to pack the right gear before you go hunting.

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No matter your choice of weapon, it is essential to be properly outfitted when going on a hunting expedition. Packing the right gear makes a considerable difference between having an enjoyable and profitable hunting experience and going home stressed out and empty-handed.

Ammunition or Bait

Don't expect to bag that deer with a single bullet. You should pack plenty of ammunition to make your trip worthwhile. If using a bow, pack arrows; and if fishing pack lures, bait and other tackle. In addition to basic ammunition to make you weapon work, a sharp hunting knife will help you to free yourself from snags, dislodge misappropriated ammunition from your kill or to cut away thick underbrush.

Protective Gear

Even if its in the hottest part of the season, wearing clothing to protect you from scratches, ticks, mosquitoes or the sun will help you have a more enjoyable trip. Pack sunscreen, lip balm, insect repellent, a hat, boots and a jacket. In the winter, an extra pair of wool socks, mittens or a warm hat will keep your body warm as you hunt in colder climates. Most importantly, you should wear a reflective vest so other hunters or fishermen see you. It's also wise to pack rain gear with you for any climate to keep yourself from getting wet.


After many hours of hiking through fields or wading through streams, any individual is bound to get hungry. Even if you are only planning a day trip, granola bars, trail mix or other snack food will help give you energy to keep on going. Bring plenty of water or sports drinks to keep hydrated. Matches or a lighter will help start a campfire. You should also pack a tent, bedroll or other shelter for overnight trips. A small tarp and a length of rope will help you skin and protect your kill and can also serve as an emergency shelter.

Other Items

It's a must to know where you are going and keep track of where you are with a GPS locator, map and compass, and it's safer to know how to get back to civilization at all times. An extra set of clothing, toilet paper and cooking utensils help make overnight trips a little more comfortable. A first aid kit will help during emergencies or injuries. Additionally, bringing along a radio or cell phone can help in a pinch if you get in an accident or get lost.

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