Carpet Square Craft for Kids

by Kent Page McGroarty
Use industrial among other types of carpeting for craft projects.

Use industrial among other types of carpeting for craft projects.

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Teach kids about the importance of recycling and reusing through a variety of crafts utilizing carpet squares. Carpet squares are generally used as sample pieces of carpet but often get thrown away once a carpet shade is decided on. In addition to lining your office or greenhouse with carpet squares, help children think up ways to best reuse the squares.

Game Pieces

Carpet squares can work for creating game pieces. Help children use large number stencils, or the kind businesses use, to paint numbers on individual carpet square pieces for indoor hopscotch, though they can also free-hand the numbers, which allows for more creativity. Use masking or packing tape to hold the carpet square pieces together. Another option is to help children stencil checkerboards onto carpet square pieces with paint, or encourage them to make up their own game board using stencils, paint and carpet squares.

Dollhouse Pieces

Carpet squares can also work as dollhouse pieces. Oversee the cutting of the squares, which can be cut in a variety of shapes including oval, square, rectangle and circular for use as dollhouse rugs and carpeting. For example, the squares can be cut in rectangular shapes and glued to dollhouse stairs, or cut in oval shapes and placed in dollhouse bathrooms. The pieces can also be cut into smaller squares for use as a wall hanging in a dollhouse.

Box Liners

Carpet squares can be used to line assorted boxes, such as jewelry boxes or those for storing keepsakes. If applicable use carpet squares that match or complement the box itself, such as a pink square in a black box or a gold square in a wooden box. Use them to line kids' tool boxes as a soft place for kids to store their toy tools. They can also be cut and used as liners in pet beds, including cat beds and doghouses.

Art Projects

Carpet squares can be used in assorted art projects. Help kids incorporate carpet squares into sculptures they are creating in art class, whether as a base for the sculpture or as part of the sculpture itself. Another idea is to use dark markers or paints on light-colored squares to create swirling designs and patterns. Light-colored paint works on dark carpet squares for creating patterns and designs; kids can make the same design on light and dark carpet squares with light and dark paints.

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