"Carpe Diem" Wedding Themes

by Kyra Sheahan

If the goal of your wedding celebration is to live things up to the fullest, a "Carpe Diem" wedding theme may be just what you are looking for. "Seize the day" is an appropriate phrase that you can weave throughout your various wedding plans, so your Carpe Diem wedding theme is consistent. Your personal interpretation of the theme is what will make this type of wedding unique and memorable for you and your new spouse.


Set the tone and theme of your Carpe Diem wedding from the get-go by putting the words "Carpe Diem" on your wedding invitations. You can write the phrase at the top or the bottom of your invitations in a way that does not detract from your official wedding announcement, or you can work the translation into the text of your invitation by adding wording such as "Join us for our wedding as we seize the day."

Latin Ceremony

The phrase "Carpe Diem" is Latin, which may inspire you to have a wedding ceremony partially in Latin. Have your officiant incorporate some Latin quotes, prayers, poems or songs into the ceremony to maintain your Carpe Diem theme. If you are Catholic, you may choose to celebrate your wedding with a traditional Latin mass.


Your take on the Carpe Diem theme should express itself in your decorations. If you and your spouse consider the phrase "Seize the day" to mean that it's time to get down and party, you can decorate your wedding reception venue with a variety of party supplies such as balloons, streamers, banners, giant centerpieces, party horns and noisemakers.

Food and Beverages

A Carpe Diem wedding theme may inspire you to do something unique with your food and beverages. Rather than serving the traditional sit-down dinner with full entrees, you can have an entire evening full of appetizers and dessert trays; cake, candy and ice cream stations; and a beverage bar open throughout the whole reception. With this setup, you and your guests have more time to mix, mingle and dance, and you do not have to adhere to the formality of being seated at assigned tables. Guests and wedding party members are free to seize the moment to eat, drink and be merry in any way they choose.

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