Carnival Birthday Party Ideas in San Diego

by Brenda Priddy
A carnival theme is a fun way to celebrate any event.

A carnival theme is a fun way to celebrate any event.

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San Diego, California is a large city with hundreds of party locations and choices. If you want to have a carnival-themed party in this city, there are several options for renting equipment, catering and hosting the party. You can make the scale of the party as large or small as your budget and time allows.


There are several different location places to have a carnival party in San Diego, California. Ensure hosting a carnival is permissible by the staff when you call to make the reservation. Your own backyard is an excellent location, if it is big enough. Other possible locations include parks or existing carnival parks such as Ultrazone, Nickle City Amusement Center, Inflatable World or Belmont Park. The San Diego Zoo in Balboa Park offers a merry-go-round and train in a carnival style. The Wild Animal Park in Escondido offers Safari rides and other animal-themed adventures ideal for a carnival party. Sea World also has a large area for parties where it is possible to host a carnival-themed party.


Carnival games are the main attraction of a carnival party. Make sure to have a wide selection of games to satisfy the tastes of every child. Recruit volunteers to run each game to make the party go smoothly. Offer classic carnival games, such as a ring toss, fishing for ducks, face painting, dunking tank, hammer game or bowling. Also provide non-game activities, such as a bounce castle, haunted house or a clown to blow up balloons for children.


A carnival party should always have carnival-style foods. Offer cotton candy, corn on the cob, corn dogs on a stick, pretzels, popcorn, lemonade and sodas and hot dogs to the party guests. You can set up food vending booths for each kind of food, or set up a table that offers all of the food. Your budget and space will help determine how you end up serving food. If the party is a birthday party, also offer individual cupcakes for dessert.

Carnival Rentals

There are several places in San Diego that offer carnival rentals for children's parties. These companies offer different rental packages for different budget levels. Parents can choose from simple carnival games, large booths, carnival decorations and even catering with some companies. My Little Carnival offers booths, games, decorations, food and inflatable toys for carnival birthdays. San Diego Kids Party Rentals offers a similar selection of games and inflatables for carnival parties. Party Rental World offers carnival games, rides and food vending machines for kids' parties.

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