How to Care for Tristar Strawberries

by Karen Carter
Tristar strawberry plants produce berries throughout the growing season.

Tristar strawberry plants produce berries throughout the growing season. Images

Strawberries grow well in home gardens and reward the gardener with fresh produce. These perennials produce berries for four to five years. There are two types of strawberry plants: June-bearing and everbearing. June-bearing strawberries produce a harvest of fruit in the spring. Everbearing strawberries, like Tristar strawberries, produce two harvests -- in summer and fall. The Tristar strawberry develops good flavor, firmness and color in its berry. Harvest Tristar strawberries in June and October.

Items you will need

  • Shovel
  • Fertilizer
  • Rake
  • Garden hoe
  • Water
Step 1

Remove all the weeds from the strawberry bed. Dig the soil up to a depth of 18 inches with a shovel. Spread 2 lbs. of 10-20-10 slow-release fertilizer for every 100 square feet of planting area. Break up any soil clumps and rake the soil smooth.

Step 2

Create rows 18 to 24 inches apart in the soil with the edge of a garden hoe. Plant the Tristar strawberry plants 18 inches apart, with the crowns above the soil level.

Step 3

Firm the soil around the plants to hold them in place. This variety of strawberry does best when planted in the early spring.

Step 4

Water the soil around the base of the plants whenever the soil dries out. Do not water the leaves and fruit since this encourages leaf and fruit rot.

Step 5

Train the runners, which are smaller strawberry plants, to grow between the rows so that the strawberry bed fills in. Runners produce a new, complete plant when the base of the plant touches the soil.

Tips & Warnings

  • Pick Tristar strawberries when they are ripe, which is when the berry develops a bright red color on all sides. Berries last longest in the refrigerator; up to 48 hours before use. Strawberries last overnight at room temperature if the temperature stays cool.
  • Slugs eat berries and leaves, stripping the strawberry plants. Remove debris from the strawberry patch to eliminate slug hiding places and use slug bait to eliminate the slugs. Birds are attracted to red strawberries, so cover the patch with plastic netting to keep the birds away from the berries.

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