How to Care for Miniature Parade Roses

by Vivek Saxena
Miniature parade roses are essentially miniature counterparts to standard roses.

Miniature parade roses are essentially miniature counterparts to standard roses.

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Known as parade roses, miniature roses are common houseplants, though they require much more maintenance than the average houseplant. In particular, miniature parade roses require lots of sunlight, lots of water and a lot of pest control. Parade roses feature tiny blossoms that take up little room. They bloom in the spring and summer but need a certain degree of maintenance all year long.

Step 1

Keep the roses near a south- or west-facing window so they are exposed to sunlight for the majority of the day. If the roses begin to thin or spread out, that is an indication that the roses need more sunlight. Rotate the roses twice a week to ensure balanced growth.

Step 2

Water your roses at least three times per week. If the top soil is dry, the roses need to be watered. Keep the soil moist but not soggy. Water the roses before 4 p.m. so that the foliage has time to dry properly before nightfall.

Step 3

Prune the roses regularly, especially when the flowers are blooming, by cutting back the canes. Remove yellowing leaves, dead branches and weak canes. Perform these steps slowly and step back often to ensure you are maintaining the plant's rounded shape.

Step 4

Inspect the roses regularly for spider mites and other pests. Symptoms of an infestation include discolored leaves, fine webbing and colored dots. Spray the roses with a soapy dishwater mixture -- 1 tbsp. detergent soap to 1 quart water -- two to three times a day for a week to remove an infestation.

Step 5

Apply a balanced, slow-release fertilizer mix every three weeks from late spring until early August. Apply at half the dosage recommended for standard roses. Use an organic fertilizer like fish/blood meal or a liquid fertilizer.

Step 6

Leave your roses alone. After you have provided them with sunlight, water, pruning, pest protection and fertilizer, just let them be. Miniature parade roses are very strong and do not need additional protection, even during the winter.

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