A Care Bear Themed Baby Shower

by Buffy Naillon Google

Baby showers give soon-to-be moms an excuse to indulge in the icons of childhood. If you're planning a baby shower for a friend or family member who loves the Care Bears, make the colorful bears the theme of her baby shower. Besides helping her recapture the nostalgic feelings of her younger years, this theme also has the advantage of being a decorative motif that has abundant items still on the market.

Table Decor

Many baby showers center around the table. Not only is this the place you'll eat, but often it's where the mom-to-be will open presents, so make this the central area of your decorative efforts. Start by setting the table with a tablecloth in one of the Care Bear colors. Although Care Bear tablecloths are available to purchase, it may be too much Care Bear if you also decorate the table with Care Bear paper plates, napkins and cups. Once the table is set, create a Care Bear-themed centerpiece. Choose fresh flowers in light pinks, blues and yellows to match the bears. Find some decorative elements like Care Bear miniatures to adorn the bouquet with. Attach the bears to a florist's pick and insert into the bouquet.

Gift Area

Set up a card table near the dining table for the gift area in a corner. Tack a Care Bear blanket on the walls so that one corner of the blanket hangs from one wall and another corner hangs from the adjoining wall. Cover the table with another party-themed blanket. Position a Care Bear castle in the corner and stack Care Bears around it. Wrap packages with Care Bear wrapping paper and position them near the Care Bear display. Decorate the floor with bigger Care Bears.


The food for a Care Bear-themed party tends to be on the sweet and colorful side. You have the choice of making a large sheet cake with a Care Bear theme or a variety of cupcakes with the tummy icons on them. Make pink lemonade for Care Bear punch and fill dishes around the house with gummy bears, teddy bear suckers and graham cracker bears. Serve finger sandwiches and fresh vegetables as well if your guests are coming around lunch or dinnertime.


Baby showers are place for games that net the guests cute prizes to take home after the festivities are through. Create some Care Bear trivia cards, making up questions based on old Care Bear episodes. Play Care Bear bingo using the graphic icons on their tummies as the bingo space pictures. Play "Old Maid" with some Care Bear playing cards. Give the guests prizes such as gift certificates to toys stores, if they have kids, or Care Bear video sets in addition to some adult gifts like gift certificates for lunch at a local restaurant or for a manicure at a local salon.

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