Captain Morgan Party Theme Ideas

by Eric Jonas
Welcome your guests in costume as the Captain.

Welcome your guests in costume as the Captain.

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Set sail on a party planning journey with a Captain Morgan theme for an event that your guests will not soon forget. Captain Morgan is the iconic figure for a brand of rum and provides party planners with a broad theme on which to build a brilliant event. Emphasize the nautical, pirate or alcohol aspect of the swashbuckling captain to plan a special celebration that is suitable only for adults or is child-friendly.


Create unique party invitations at home to announce the theme of the event. Wash out some empty Captain Morgan rum bottles and let the bottles dry thoroughly. Fill the bottom of the bottle with sand and some small seashells. Write the party details on parchment paper, roll up the paper like a scroll and insert the scroll into the bottle. Deliver the invitations by hand to prevent the glass from breaking.


Decorate the party venue in a pirates and nautical theme. Hang fishing nets from the ceiling corners and fill the nets with rubber lobsters or fish. Use large wooden crates in place of gift and serving tables and write the word "Rum" on a couple of large wooden barrels and place the barrels around the room. Use laminated pictures of ships in place of regular place mats. For table centerpieces, line the center of the table with pirate hats, empty rum bottles and miniature treasure chests.


Bring the rum theme into the menu for the evening. Serve rum-based cocktails, rum cake and rum balls. For alcohol-free foods, serve a jewel fruit salad, made with cherries, raspberries, strawberries and red seedless grapes. Present the guests with seafood fare such as shrimp salad, clam chowder, lobster bisque and grilled scallops. Dessert ideas include coconut bars, spice cake and gold coin cookies, made from sugar cookie dough, decorated with yellow royal icing and brushed with a gold luster dust.

Party Favors

Keep the party favors simple at an adult-only party and present each guest with a small bottle of Captain Morgan's rum. For an alcohol-free party favor, fill miniature treasure chests with gold foil-covered chocolate coins and chocolate liquors, or have shot glasses engraved with the party date for keepsake gift. For an event with both children and adults, prepare a bouquet of pirate-themed cookies for each guest. Cut sugar cookie dough into pirate shapes, such as eye patches, swords and ships. Skewer each cookie with a wooden dowel and bake. Decorate the cookies with royal icing and gather a bunch together to complete the bouquet.

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